Chelsea Constable

Customer Services Team Leader

  • LocationHertfordshire, UK
  • AvailabilityCurrently available for full time jobs.

About me


I currently work as a Team Leader in a contact centre and have been with the same company for 8 years. I manage a team of over 25 and deal in customer services for cinemas and bowling. With that said, I really think the time has come to take the skills I have learnt from being a Team Leader and working in customer services and apply them to a more creative role. I am very musical, I sing on a regular basis in an acoustic duo with my partner. Music is probably my biggest passion but I would say I am overall very creative. I love being artistic when it comes to makeup, mainly sfx makeup. I often do makeup for other people around the Halloween season but also enjoy doing it in my free time. Whilst I enjoy my current job, I'm not passionate about it so would love to find something that I have some passion for.



  • Listening Understanding and Delivering
  • A Consistent Team Player with Strong Customer Service Skills
  • Administrative Organisational Skills
  • Ability to Communicate Both Orally and with Writing
  • Female Singer
  • Friendly and Outgoing
  • Efficient Time Management and Prioritizing Things
  • Ability to Communicate with Both Teammates and Clients
  • Good Knowledge of Film
  • Good Knowledge of Music