Chloe Pillois

Chloe Pillois

Communications Manager & Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Chloe Pillois

Chloe Pillois

Communications Manager & Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Having been on a solo professional adventure for over 2 years has allowed me to discover my strength and passion. Storytelling. Everyone needs it, everyone sees it. Give your product the authenticity and originality it deserves. The 21st Century has made so much room for creative brand identity. We’re communicating to much larger audiences, connecting with endless communities and reaching people by interest rather than age group or gender. But we’re also dealing with a lot more competition; standing out and standing up has become a necessity. I blend aesthetics and emotions to ensure a strong visual identity alongside powerful values and mission statements. So… let’s talk about your product. Allow me to pick your brain on the foundation of your company, the purpose of your product and the profile of your audience. Allow me to add a touch of modern, a grain of adventure and a whole lot of authenticity into your brand. From copywriting, to web design, to graphic design, to communications strategy… I am your comms Ninja and am available for short-term and/ or long-term projects!
  • Featured in British Vogue
    Featured in British VogueI was contacted by British Vogue last May to be part of a 3-months campaign in their 'Designer Profile' section as well as their new online platform Vogue Retail - a huge accomplishment and mile-stone for a business that I had been running solo for a year and a half. Somehow, without knowing - my creations, photography and brand biography were perfectly aligned with the issues' themes, which made me even prouder. AUGUST ISSUE (03/07/2020) For the covers of the August 2020 issue, British Vogue a
  • PILLWAA short documentary
    PILLWAA short documentaryJust a few months after founding PILLWAA, Emile and I decided to bring the brand to life by sharing the story of what inspired me. Here, you will find 3 minutes of story telling whilst getting to know me and my motives a little better.
    WILDLIFE PROTECTIONThis collection is one to hopefully transcribe the beauty of what NATURE represents: LIFE. Nature is what connects every single living being on this planet. We, Humans, have the power to PROTECT the wild: our animals and their habitat, for a better future. Here, I have decided to showcase some of my favourite pieces featuring the fabrics bought on my travels. Through my wearable art, I created clothes that matter.
    IDENTITYIdentity is a REFLECTION of one's life. Life is built on our ROOTS and past experiences: they shape who we are as individuals and translate what we believe in. Using our past to build our tomorrow forms one's TRUTH. Now more than ever, we are standing up for what we believe in. Through PILLWAA I was offering unique items to promote individuality as well as designs inspired by values I deem extremely important. By wearing PILLWAA, my community felt empowered and strengthened their identity by we
    EXPLOREThis collection aims to translate ADVENTURE through CHALLENGES and CONNECTIONS. Exploring the unknown can be tough both physically and mentally but we believe that it is what creates memories: the rough and the great. Exploring the unknown brings you closer than ever to nature and people. Here, I have decided to showcase some of my favourite pieces featuring the fabrics bought on my travels. Through my wearable art, I created clothes that matter.
  • PILLmoi
    PILLmoiAdding identity to your wardrobe. PILLmoi is an online platform I have come up with to offer my community the chance to co-design their own streetwear. Most customers would upload a picture onto the platform and gave me free creative license to come up with a design to customise the garm of their choice. After agreeing with the design, customers were also sent a selection of fabrics so they could take part in the whole customisation of their item. See examples below.
Work history
    Digital communications & graphic designerNabla
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I was brought onto the team to help Nabla Health (France) launch in the UK. I was involved in translating, rethinking and adapting the company to British culture. • Brand identity management: website, social media. • Copywriting: website content, values statement, mission statement, press release and the app’s medical programmes (co-created with medical experts). • Partnership management: with medical experts, organisations and influencers; co-creation of content for social media as well as the app. • Social Media and community management: . • Graphic design: drew over 350 anatomical diagrams to allow medical visual explanation for social media and the app (used for both France and UK: @nablahealth + My experience at Nabla has not only brought me great healthcare knowledge but also refined my copywriting and graphic design competence. Being part of a very small team in the UK has allowed me to put my entrepreneurial skills to use whilst strengthening and developing new ones.
    PILLWAA Limited logo
    PILLWAA Limited logo
    Founder and Fashion DesignerPILLWAA Limited
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    PILLWAA, a travel-inspired fashion brand that was founded in November 2018 as a one-woman band. The past two years have allowed me to develop various entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, time management, people management and creative problem-solving. ● Fashion Design: Creating original handmade pieces on basic garments using my own signature technique with fabrics bought on travels. Up-cycling vintage pieces, damaged or unsold items (to avoid dead stock). ● Digital Design: Having a vision of the final product was crucial to the creation of new designs: from stencils to illustrations to graphic design (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator). ● Photography: Learning new skills to be independent: flatlay (e-commerce) & lifestyle (social media) + photo editing: Adobe (Photoshop + Lightroom). ● Content Creation: leading the art direction, photography, brand identity, storytelling through imagery and all campaigns (Instagram: videos for stories, highlights, posts; Facebook). ● Communications & Marketing: strengthening brand identity through social media management (including Facebook Ads), monthly newsletters (+ targeted emails), blogs and customer experience. ● Public Relations: collaborating with various influencers, other designers & media including a 3 months campaign with British Vogue. ● Web design & Digital Marketing: customisation of the entire website to fit the unique style, concept and products. ● CRM: working very closely with customers for private enquiries as well as dealing with customer service (pre & post sales). ● Sales: engaging with customers online (social media, website, targeted emails) as well as Offline (pop Up stores + markets). Experience in both B2C + B2B. ● Book Keeping: organising adapted own books to keep track of stock, sales & finances (Excel). Overall this experience has been a real life lesson that has made me an experienced self-taught entrepreneur, ready to tackle any challenge on a personal and professional level.
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  • Fashion Design
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  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Relations
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  • Creative Writing
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  • Trilingual
  • Team Leadership
    Communication and Media StudiesLoughborough University
     - Loughborough, United Kingdom
    French Baccalaureat, Economics SectionLycee Francais Charles de Gaulle
     - London, United Kingdom