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Chris Bayley

Curatorial Assistant, Public ProgrammesLondon, United Kingdom
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Chris Bayley

Curatorial Assistant, Public ProgrammesLondon, United Kingdom
About me
An articulate and highly motivated individual who holds a Distinction with recommendation in MA Museum and Gallery Studies with a curatorial pathway.Looking for an opportunity to be part of an inspiring gallery, developing further knowledge and skills particularly in exhibitions and curating. Research focuses on discursivity, art discourse and the educational turn, with a particular focus on supplementary formats as a tool for thinking about exhibition making such as the catalogue, the interview and the event.
  • Leah Clements: You Promised Me Poems‘You Promised Me Poems’, is the first solo exhibition of London based artist Leah Clements. Clements’ practice is formed through the construction of social situations and looks at the oddities of normality and human relationships, recently focusing on empathy and the role of the audience. Through performance, meetings, video and organised group and individual encounters, Clements investigates the role of the audience within contemporary art, often focusing on minor gestures or oddities that reveal subtle or complex power structures. Using VITRINE Bermondsey Square’s unconventional 16 metre gallery, Clements transforms the space into an intimate setting that shifts between an activated and deactivated state; exploring ideas of intimacy as both an aesthetic and a notional concern. The work is not immediately recognisable but physical enough to form a moment of wonder. The space largely rests empty, particularly so if visited in its deactivated state, though the disembodied results of a performance on the evening of the private view plays throughout as an audio work, interested in the remnants that are left by transferences from one body to another, or from body to object; it will continue to speak of the physicality of pain caused by a close relationship long after the sources are gone. Similar concerns of transference are explored in a current work held at Open School East; ‘The Empath Project’, which looks at the personality type ‘Empath’: someone who is highly empathetic, sometimes to the point of their detriment. The project begins with an online personality test that facilitates discussion around what this diagnosis may mean whilst questioning individual and group identity around it. In a performance taking place across Bermondsey Square and Bermondsey Square Hotel on Sunday 22nd August 2015, Clements explores forms of intimacy where the audience’s experience of the piece is determined by the results of a personality test. In conjunction with the exhibition, a publication of the same name has been formed, focussing on Clements’ research, it acts as a tangible element to the ephemeral nature of the exhibition that further explores and sustains these ideas.
  • The Day JobAn exhibition of emerging contemporary artists showcasing an eclectic breadth of work constructed around their day job; Gallery Assistant. The role of a gallery assistant is particularly elusive, however it is key to a visitor’s engagement and experience with not only the art on display, but also the institution they are in. With the role of a gallery invigilator expanding, gallery assistants are able to develop unique relationships with the artworks on display, due to being with them for an extended period of time. With an almost ‘don’t speak unless spoken to’ manner, the gallery assistant is able to prompt an interesting dialogue between themselves and the visitor, often leading to a discussion of the gallery assistants own practice, satisfying the visitors curiosity. Acting as a critical engagement with institutions and the pivotal role of the gallery assistant, The Day Job will be exhibiting the works of artists that are currently employed at The Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens, London. Spanning a wide range of mediums from sculpture, painting and photography, The Day Job acts as a platform, supporting new contemporary artists. The Day Job is a self initiated curatorial project for my Major Project in MA Museum and Gallery Studies. It will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, including interviews, gallery ephemera and a broader insight into the artists and the works exhibited. Artists exhibiting; Leah Clements, Mike Ditchburn, Melissa Fielding, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Tommie Introna, Priscila Fiszman, Seamus Gough, Melody Grossman, Adam Holdway, Owen Lacey, Siân Landau, Jill McKnight, George Morris, Luke Nairn, Maxwell Rushton, Isabelle Southwood.
  • Rebecca Molloy: Till Death do us PartyThoughts are tangled. Fragmented bodies strewn across the floor in an unruly cluster. Limbs are heavy. Unresponsive. Nothing really makes sense. A solo exhibition of London-based artist Rebecca Molloy. For this ambitious site-specific installation, Molloy presents a new body of work that explores the lengths the human body will go to to have fun. Largely formed of installations that combine painting, sculpture and video; Molloy’s works attempt to create an alternative understanding of the human form and its interactions with its surroundings. Absurdity and strangeness act as a starting point, where source material can range from Internet obscurities, isolated body parts, the pores of the skin and the spam like interference from advertising. The daily bombardment of images, videos and sound fuels the environments Molloy creates, where our perpetual desire for self-entertainment and stimulation is transformed into an alternative painted reality. In Till Death do us Party, Molloy exploits the conventions of painting attempting to envelop the viewer into the sensations and transformative process that paint can allow for. Painting in this exhibition acts as a material of play, that is strewn across objects, flattened into graphics and revealed in new forms of whipped cream, chocolate milk and hundreds and thousands. The viewer is invited to enjoy the tantalizing nature of paint in all its forms. Acting as an anchorage to the installation: video works sit in a constellation of sculptures and paintings. Focusing on playfulness and gesture, shifts of colour and various textures, a promiscuous narrative is devised looking at the role of the body, both physically and psychologically. Through some subtle, horrific and bizarre encounters, the work meanders through fun, partying and death, creating a squeamishly perverse and deliciously luscious world. Molloy’s performative and seductive exhibition is compiled through collage and construction, allowing mis/understanding and reinterpretation of the physical and digital worlds. A strong element of gore and horror is present where fingers, limbs and the mouth reference the genre. A flickering eye glares over the installation whilst the imagery carefully selected thinks about painting in a much wider sense. Paint oozes within a screen and is slathered across the walls engulfing the vitrine into flattened Mario-type graphics. Till Death do us Party is an amalgamation of meticulous research and fragmented thoughts initially explored during a residency at Trelex, Switzerland. With potency and a playful balance, Molloy tickles people’s eyes and seduces the senses. The work is loose and has developed its own rules. This is no normal party nor does it try to be one. It belongs in another place of existence, warping into its own reality that the viewer is cordially invited to.
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Projects credited in
  • The Day Job - An exhibition of Gallery Assistants' work2nd - 3rd July 2014 My work was exhibited in this show at Hoxton Basement, London. Curated by Chris Bayley.
Work history
    Curatorial Assistant & Public ProgrammesSerpentine Galleries
    • Assist with the organisation and production of Serpentine Galleries yearly Marathon Event conceived by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones. • Research, programming and project management. • Assisting with the production of printed materials including signage and the publication. • Assisting the maintenance and management of the budget.
    Curatorial Assistant & Public ProgrammesSerpentine Galleries
    • Assist with the organisation and production of Serpentine Galleries yearly Marathon Event conceived by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Julia Peyton-Jones. • Research, programming and project management. • Assisting with the production of printed materials including signage and the publication. • Assisting the maintenance and management of the budget.
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  • Visual Arts
  • Print Design
  • Exhibition
  • Design
  • Illustrator
  • Curating
  • Publication Print Design
  • Contemporary art
  • Proofing
  • Adobe MS Office Suites
  • Gallery Administration
  • Writing Communication
  • Arts Administration
  • Art Handling
    MA Museum and Gallery Studies, Curatorial Pathway
    -Awarded distinction with recommendation - Exploring contemporary issues and practices, including collection, interpretation, exhibition, space, place and the city, audiences and communities, controversy and contingency, institutional purpose, scenario planning and sustainable futures. - Independent research focussed on Contemporary Curating, the Para-Curatorial and Discursivity.
    BA(Hons) Illustration
    - Awarded First Class Honours - Developing Painting and Drawing skills - Art Theory - Bookbinding
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