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Freelance Illustrator

Chris Cocozza Illustration

Dec 1989
  • Biography Chris Cocozza, an international, award winning, romance bookcover artist, has illustrated 100's of book covers for major publishers across the United States and around the world. Chris started his academic career by studying in New York City at various institutions of higher education; The School of Visual Arts, The Arts Students League and the National Academy of Design where he honed his skills as a traditional painter and draftsman. Following in the footsteps of some of his most inspirational artists and teachers, Chris set out to traditionally paint the figure for the bookcover industry, first breaking in with the western and young adult genres, and expanding to romance, action and mystery genres. In the early 90's, with the advent of digital media, Chris pioneered the integration of the "new" digital techniques and tools with his mastery of the "traditional techniques". Chris Cocozza continues to be a trend setter in the illustration field with his unique vision and sensitivity to book-cover art as cultural icon and powerful artistic reference. Some of Chris's clients include: Sourcebooks Harlequin Avon Books Harper Collins Penguin-Putnam St. Martin's Scholastic Kensington Bantam Doubleday-Dell Zondervan Ballantine among others...