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Christiane Lange

Christiane Lange

    ANDROxGYNE is at REPRESENTSee Me is currently running the exhibition REPRESENT online and our project ANDROxGYNE – @androxgyne – is included in Part II, launching 24 September. Till 17 November, 2020 at
  • Art4Equality Benefit Auction
    Art4Equality Benefit AuctionArt4Equality is a new initiative by Indira Cesarine for gender equality in the arts. 60 artists are participating with 200+ works of arts, including images from ANDRO/GYNE by Alex Janero, in the inaugural benefit auction for the initiative. The auction is on Paddle 8: and bidding starts 30 January 2020. Also among the artists, Sarah Maple and Cavanagh Foyle, who are here on The Dots.
    ANDRO/GYNE x FLAUNTThanks to Flaunt Magazine for the great collaboration to publish our project ANDRO/GYNE, photographed by Alex Janero and with Foivos Papadopoulos. From Flaunt's Instagram post about the photo essay: ANDRO/GYNE is an intimate photo essay that without words and through an alluring, artistic lens, gives voice to a large group of strong individuals that deserve a platform in mainstream discourse. The mysterious black and white, nude photo series juxtaposes a man and a woman who has undergone a maste
    ANDRO/GYNEInspired by George Dureau’s work, this photo series contrasts a man – ANDRO – with a woman – GYNE – and shows that the play between the two transcends normative marks of gender. At first glance, the woman may look androgyne, but in the interplay with the masculine, she emerges as entirely female. A woman’s gender and sexuality do not originate in the breasts. Breast amputation strikes horror and hushed tones among medical professionals and ordinary people alike. It is generally assumed tha
  • Hellenic Foundation for Culture Website
    Hellenic Foundation for Culture WebsiteDesign, content creation and curation, image sourcing and creation of the main website and associated sites for Hellenic Foundation for Culture.
  • Greece on Air Spring 2018
    Greece on Air Spring 2018Magazine published in connection with the ASTA Destination Expo in Athens, Greece. Writing of articles, editing.
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  • BODY TALK Print issue 1
    BODY TALK Print issue 1Body Talk zine is a global publication which is a collection of words and works by creatives around the world sharing their personal experiences and talking about mental health and body image. From using fashion photography to distort the perception of beauty to reading a comic strip for understanding anxiety, this zine uses off-beat methods of self expression to question society. Body Talk issue1 uses tactile experiences through various textures to shed light on the layers for an interactive e
  • BODY TALK ZINE digital issue one!
    BODY TALK ZINE digital issue one!Hey there! I’m extremely excited to share with you the first issue of Body Talk zine (digital version)! Body Talk is a platform I started during the lockdown that spreads awareness to break stigmas on Body Image and Mental Health. The zine is a collection of words and work from creatives around the world that share their own experiences or start a discussion on various topics under these subjects. Through photography, illustration, film, interaction design and many more mediums the zine helps co
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