Christopher Buckley

Assistant Manager

About me

Over the last few years since leaving university I have worked in a few different roles, In all of these roles I have eventually reached the level of manager or assistant manager. This is obviously a good thing however working in a pub or a shop is not what I want to do with my life and I am absolutely desperate for the opportunity to prove myself in a professional creative environment. I have a degree from the University of Westminster in Contemporary Media Practice where I learnt the professional codes and ethics of working in the media industry, as well as this I also learnt various skills ranging from the production side of the media industry to the academic side. I have done some runner work in the past working on shoots for Vice and Don't Panic as well as doing some temporary work for the website Complete Music Update. After working purely in management roles for the last few years I have managed to perfect skills such as admin office work, customer service, inter personal skills as well as the responsibility that comes with effectively running a small business single handedly. Outside of work I am a keen writer and artist, I currently have a book of short stories and drawings entitled 'I Hate You And your Kids' which is being released in 2016. Over all I feel that I am now ready to take the next step in my career and move towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable role of work.


  • Production Assistant
  • Excel
  • Social Media
  • Manage a Team of 10
  • Knowledge Classical/contemporary Music
  • Reseach

Work history


Assistant Manager


Aug 2014
  • . Cashing up at the end of every evening . In charge of the pub’s social media . Ordering in stock . Regularly holding meetings with Westminster Council . Organising and Holding staff meetings . Collating and passing on information about the pubs profits to the owner . Being in constant contact with other companies to discuss various areas of business. . Organising the rota . Writing and sending invoices . Hiring staff . Fully proficient with Aztec management system


Store Manager


Apr 2012 - Jun 2014
  • I started off working at MGE on a part time basis whilst I was at university, moving to full time after I graduated. Over my 3 years at MGE I rose from sales assistant to store manager, specific to the shop ‘Rock & Pop’ in Notting hill, which sold Vinyl, CD’s, Tapes and music memorabilia. My roles whilst at Music Goods Exchange were; . Organising the record library . Coming up with promotions for the shop . in charge of the shops social media . Organising the rota . Organising and taking charge of monthly staff meeting . Ordering in new stock . Setting sales targets . Interviewing at hiring new employees . Writing the weekly and monthly sales report . Presenting said sales report to area managers



Contemporary Media Practice

University of Westminster

Sep 2009 - Jun 2012
  • Film, Art Installation, Media Theory (Frankfurt school, semiotics etc)