Cian Traynor

Cian Traynor

Acting Editor, Huck magazineLondon, United Kingdom
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Cian Traynor

Cian Traynor

Acting Editor, Huck magazineLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm an editor, writer and digital strategist who handles everything from overseeing print production to social media campaigns. On any given day, that tends to involve commissioning and managing a broad team of contributors, organising photoshoots around the world, helping brands find the right voice to grow their audience, interviewing celebrities, producing viral content (and then seeding it), putting on workshops, reporting on analytics... and everything else required to push stories as far as they can possibly go.
  • Huck: The Hedonism Issue
    Huck: The Hedonism IssueThis issue of Huck is a celebration of pleasure-seeking at its purest: those moments when you push things too far but come out of the experience with a story to tell. And at a time of chaos and confusion, we could all use a little bit of that... Featuring Mac DeMarco, Jonah Hill, Satanists, sex activists, rappers, sneakerheads, scooterboys, taboo tattooists, extreme cyclists, amazing photographers and the wrestler who inspired glam rock...
  • Huck: The Burnout Issue
    Huck: The Burnout IssueYou know the feeling... Political turmoil. Climate change. Fragile economies. Technological dependence. Divisions that show no signs of eroding. It can all get overwhelming. In the face of those anxieties, we made The Burnout Issue: a unique set of stories about the drive to overcome forces bigger than ourselves. Featuring Tame Impala, Black Mirror, off-grid revolts, ScHoolboy Q, joyful activism, Mason Silva, Brazil's bregafunk scene, Conner Habib, Surfbort and much more... https://www.huckm
  • Huck: The Flying lotus Issue
    Huck: The Flying lotus IssueAs an experimental producer, DJ, filmmaker, rapper, composer and label boss, Flying Lotus has created an interconnected universe unlike anyone else. For the new issue of Huck, we asked him to assemble a collection of stories that reflect his friends, collaborators and inspirations – a growing network of talent that stretches across cultural boundaries. (He said yes.) Our challenge was to translate that magic into print, to map out the world of Fly Lo through original photography and interview-
Projects credited in
  • Huck: Paddle Against The Flow
    Huck: Paddle Against The Flow
  • Vans Europe campaign
    Vans Europe campaignAnalogue GIF taken with the Nishika N8000 Qaudrascopic Stereo 3D toy camera Not sure why I can't post a GIF?
Work history
    TCOLondon logo
    TCOLondon logo
    Acting editor, Huck magazineTCOLondon
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I work at Huck, an independent publication that roams the world to celebrate cultural mavericks, pioneers and outliers. It's what makes us the home of artists, extreme sports athletes, activists and creatives who paddle against the flow – offering a unique lens for capturing scenes and movements as they happen.
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I've been a contributor to the BBC, NME, The Financial Times, The Observer, MOJO, Time Out, Mr. Porter, Red Bulletin and Little White Lies among many others.
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