Claire Skelton

Contemporary Jewellery Artist

  • LocationBelfast, United Kingdom
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  • AvailabilityCurrently available for full time, freelance and internship jobs.

About me


I am a contemporary silversmith and jeweller exploring concepts of value, the re-appropriation of found objects and an audience's interaction with a material. As a maker, I create jewellery from what metal is obtainable to me and what objects are at hand. My way of respecting what I've found is to not waste it. I melt down fragments and dust to forge a new piece time and again, whether it is gold, silver or pewter. As an artist, I am interested in how the unique surfaces of hammer marks, the scale, or the satisfying weight of an object, are all elements that draw the viewer to become the wearer.



  • Soldering
  • Jewellery Design and Manufacture
  • Saw Piercing
  • Metal Casting
  • Metal Smithing
  • Forging
  • Designing to a Breif
  • Conceptual and Creative Thinking
  • Alternative Materials
  • Ability to Communicate Well Both Orally and with Writing