Crispian Rodger

Crispian Rodger

Graphic DesignerOxford, United Kingdom
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Crispian Rodger

Crispian Rodger

Graphic DesignerOxford, United Kingdom
  • The Whoosa App
    The Whoosa AppDuring my time at University, I design an app that was aimed at motivating students who were suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, to help them be a little bit more organised and to build up their motivation gradually.
  • Christmas Marketing Campaign
    Christmas Marketing CampaignI was commissioned to design several email marketing campaigns for a sign making business. I was asked to also create the images for potential decorations that the company could hypothetically make. The images I produced were then used in both the marketing emails and the advertising leaflets by the company.
  • Menu Design
    Menu DesignI was asked to design the new menu for the pub that I worked at during my University years. I was encouraged to do something unique, creative and that really captured the heart and soul of the Pub. My response to this brief was to doodle pizza related images that referenced the workers in the pub, the traditions and the locals of the pub so that the spirit of the pub was encapsulated in the boarders of the menu.
  • My Designed Dissertation
    My Designed DissertationIn my final year of university, I was required to write, design, print and bind my Dissertation which I had written on the topic of “The Success and Failures of Graphic Design’s Influence in Environmental Activism”. I had modelled the design of the dissertation on the visual identity of Extinction Rebellion, which were often mentioned in the dissertation. This project gave me an excellent opportunity to show off my skills in handling print design and book binding. I was very happy with the final
  • My Face
    My FaceThis project was a real creative challenge. During my last year of University, my class were challenged by the creative studio WeGlimpse, to design a project titles “A note for my future self”. In short we were asked to create a message for our future selfs in 40 years and remind them of our current values towards environmentalism. The concern is that, in 40 years time, when we are successful, that we would throw our environmental concerns aside in the pursuit of money. My response to this chall
  • #MakeLifeAwesome
    #MakeLifeAwesomeI created this project in the 2nd year of my University course. I was fascinated with the idea of influence, specifically how the internet could influence people’s behaviour and start trends. The best example of this was the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I therefore wanted to begin by own online social trend similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge but I wanted the challenge to improve the lives of the people who took part. The challenge was therefore a simple one which was to put down your phone and
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Work history
    Graphic DesignerCity & County Graphics
     - United KingdomFreelance
    I designed both emails and leaflets for the company as part of their winter promotions.
    Graphic DesignerRare Form
     - Oxford, United KingdomFreelance
    I helped design websites and logos for the company. I was brought on to help ease the workload of the company and I gained some very useful experience in doing so.
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  • Crisis Management
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  • Team Collaboration
  • Hard Working
  • Creative
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  • Motivated
    Graphic Design BAOxford Brookes University
     - Oxford, United Kingdom
    Award For StudentshipOxford Brookes University