Daniel Obasi

Daniel Obasi

CreativeLagos, Nigeria
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Daniel Obasi

Daniel Obasi

CreativeLagos, Nigeria
About me
Daniel Onyendikachi Obasi is a native of Abia, the eastern part of Nigeria, and currently residing in Lagos Nigeria. Daniel is currently working as a Creative Director, Stylist, Writer, and is an aspiring Photographer, whilst studying French at Lagos University. Publishers of Daniel's work includes Ours Magazine, Blanckdigital UK, and Disorder Magazine UK. Daniel curates content at urbanecoven.com and works in Fashion PR for VR Creative Agency. Daniel has no intentions of slowing down. With a driving force of an imagination, field by personal perception Daniel sees fantasy as a foundation of his creations, “Growing up I was an ardent bookworm and addict to fantasy stories, I remember after school session I and my best friend would run to the post office with the money we had saved to buy these old novels about adventure, mystery and yea romance. It was really a yearly routine and every time we read these books the visuals always seemed to live on in my mind.” - http://afrobougee.com/daniel-obasi.html
  • Embers of Bloom
    Embers of Bloom
  • The Illegal Project
    The Illegal ProjectNigerian LGBTQ community forced to hide their sexual orientation.
  • Move On
    Move OnLife throws everything at you from; opportunities, problems, failures, successes, they all come without a warning label. The fact that people chnage and switch up on y ou in an instant is a constant reminder that nothing is ever permanent. Move on. You feel it's difficult to leave your comfort space, but that may be what you need for the next level of your life.
  • Minstrel
    MinstrelMinstrel- a fantasy exploring the soft and delicacy of masculinity in Africa. Photographer, directed and styled by me- Daniel Obasi (IG iamdasidy) for Kaltblut Magazine. Created during a cisit to the ancient city of badagry (a former slave port)
  • Portraits
  • Freedom In Masculinity
    Freedom In Masculinity Freedom In Masculinity Through Fashion Words: Alix-Rose Cowie Find the original article here
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  • The Young and Restless
    The Young and RestlessStylist: Daniel Obasi Photographer: Philipp Raheem
    CHAMPIONING DIVERSITY: DANIEL OBASIDaniel Obasi was chosen by A Nasty Boy as one of the up-and-coming talents shaping the creative worlds of today and tomorrow, as part of our collaboration with creative network The Dots. Read more about the other artists here or read on to learn more about Daniel’s beautiful work. Growing up, Daniel Obasi was obsessed with fantasy stories. “I wasn’t so keen on reality,” he says. “I was always more about magic, the fantasy, the half-humans; things that push outside of the surface-wall.” So when t
    WETRANSFER AND THE DOTS PRESENT: CHAMPIONING DIVERSITYThis month some of the leading creatives from the LGBT+ community are curating our WeTransfer wallpapers. Working with creative network The Dots we invited movers and shakers – from Google’s Tea Uglow to filmmaker Matt Lambert – to choose an up-and-coming LGBT+ creative who they believe is shaping the creative worlds of today and tomorrow. Meet our 2017 selections below… Curator: Tea Uglow Artist: Hana Tanimura The amazing Tea Uglow is creative director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney. The l
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