Daniela Lucato

Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, ActressBerlin, Germany
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Daniela Lucato

Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, ActressBerlin, Germany
  • SmokeVideo Art, Short Film, Experimental Script, Direction,Voice Over: Daniela Lucato Smoke is a reflection during COVID about our concept of space. Selected for The Digital culture platform of the Project Lazaretta Eye's Walk Digital Festival Short Video Screening "My Pandemic Year” Worm Rotterdam Publications: Jouska! Multimedia Publication on Space Director's Note How do we feel it when we are forced to use space in a different way? How are our feelings changing, the way we also perceive
  • Coming back"Coming back" is a 100 seconds spot made for the Sunspot Award 2020 in Usedom that won the 2nd Prize Award. Drehbuch, Regie, Produktion: Daniela Lucato Cinematography: Jacopo Pantaleoni Darsteller: Heinz Müller Maximilian Aldehoff Voice Over: Volker Figge Schnitt: Daniela Lucato Color: Jacopo Pantaleoni Musik: "Tempo" von Gianni Latrofa Sound Designer, Mix: Federico Milanesi #Filmmacher Deutschland #SunspotAward2020 #Usedom Tourismus Gmbh #filmemacher Deutschland# UTG#Sunspot Award 2020#Boje0
  • My name is SamiShort Film -Covid Production During the COVID-19 pandemic Sami apparently calls a friend to tell her a tragic episode. Written, directed, performed, edited by Daniela Lucato Cinematography, Colour by Jacopo Pantaleoni Awards/Festival Selections: -1st Place Divan Art Prize 2020 -Atlantidoc -Visioni Altre, Gallery in Venice, 2021(announced) -Amnesty International Festival au Droits Humains 2021(announced) -Dhaka International Film Festival 2021(announced) -Miami New Media Festival -VOTV Vallès Or
  • Mamma Dorme Short FilmMamma Dorme (Mommy's sleeping) Short Film Italy/Germany Length 12 Minutes Logline: Ada lives suspended between reality and memory. The memory of her father and his gestures fill the silence of the days. Synopsis: Ada is charmed by the subtle limit that separates reality and memory and lets the nostalgic memories of her father mix with the simple sound of everyday events. Inspired by the poems in the collection "Memory in the Body" by Antonella Sica, the film explores the theme of death, its a
  • VieniShort Film Video Art, Experimental, Dance, Poetry Logline: The body tries a dialogue with a friend who has left but who lives through her reminiscence. Synopsis: Inspired by the poems from Antonella Sica "La memoria nel corpo" the film talks about memory. It is a story of a friendship. The body tries a dialogue with a friend who has left but who lives through her reminiscence. Credits: **Connecting Fingers Company** Direction,Script, Choreography: Daniela Lucato Photography, Colour: Jacopo Pan
  • Trilogy (The Wheel)Trilogy (The Wheel) Video Trilogy is a journey through three moments: from the childhood to the adult world characterized by the control and subordination processes around the body and the possible approach to a new sexuality. Credits: Producer: Daniela Lucato/Connecting Fingers Company Author: Sara Fortuna Director/Choreographer: Daniela Lucato With and by: Nicola Campanelli,Roberta Ricci, Giulia Fani Music: David Travers Photography: Jacopo Pantaleoni With the kind support of Grün Berlin
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