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Voice Actor, Music Producer, (Song)writer, Cartoonist

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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About me

My Skills: (Voice)Actor, Foley/Sound Effects, Writer, Journalist/Blogger, Game/Graphic/Web Designer, Comedian, Inventor, Mouth Trumpist, Music Producer/Engineer, DJ/Remixer, Songwriter, Beatboxer, Poet, 2D Artist/Cartoonist, Self-Defense/Fighter, Art & Life Mentor, Psychologist, Location Scout, Producer, Survey Panelist, Caregiver, Advertiser, Dancer etc. Knowledge Specialities: 90s-2010s Film & TV, 50s-2010s Music, Marvel & DC, 90s-2010s animation, Tim Burton & Trading Card Games like Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh. I have very high emotional, musical & life & introspective intelligence. Look up forms of intelligence. I'm seeking collaborations/networking with voice actors, actors, artists, comedians, rappers, singers, gamers, game testers, geeks, nerds, writers, readers, animators, cartoonists etc. Can credit & barter/trade. I prefer Anti-establishment, Guerrilla, Independent, Indie, No Budget & Student Projects. I'm making 1000s of free playable Cards for my Game, 200+ Stories & many music beats. I have 18+ notes, 10s of drawings & 120+ diverse song/poetry drafts. The stories might release on multiple formats like audioseries, cartoons, short films and/or short stories. The stories mostly involve: superpowers, psychological analysis, creative combat, maturity, immaturity, adult humour, psyche dramas, cartoony tone, kid empowerment, darkness, fictional crimes, silly comedies, ethnics & inventive horror. PM if you wanna know the many ways to live with little to no money, to no rent, free utilities, living off the grid etc. I’m looking to multiplay via Android, Chrome Webstore, Facebook, ROMS/ISOs & Windows 10 Platforms. Prefer these genres: Adventure, Platformer, Fighting, RPG, Card, Strategy, Party, Board etc. I like 501+ TV Series, 622+ Films, 1021+ Artists, 18960+ songs, 393+ Albums, 300+ Video Games etc. Some days I watch as much as 15 hours of TV, 10 films, 6 hrs of music & 15 hrs of video games. I’m seeking Webseries, TV, Film, Music, Video Game & Anime recommendations. I like action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, nearly all music genres etc. Message me if you're into or want unconventional suggestions to help the homeless somehow. I feel like this system is really fucked up & that we may need to do a little bit of clean & pacifist anarchy just to get by. Some homeless obstacles: Rent is too damn high. Income Requirement. Very little money actually goes to charity. Cities ban sleeping in your car. Shelters are very dangerous & they separate families. Pantries giveaway expired, BPA food while their CEOs are rich. Section 8 has huge, up to 15 year waitlists even with a voucher. Social Security is not enough. RV parks don’t allow older vehicles. Too many min wage jobs. Robots replacing nearly every job. It's difficult to stay clean.


  • Creative Writing
  • Comedy Improvisation
  • Improvisation
  • Music Producer
  • Game Design
  • Script Writer
  • Voice Acting
  • Voice Artist
  • Voice Over
  • Screenwriting