David Emmanuel Noel

David Emmanuel Noel

Artist, Curator, Creative Consultant & PR PractitionerNew York, United States
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David Emmanuel Noel

David Emmanuel Noel

Artist, Curator, Creative Consultant & PR PractitionerNew York, United States
About me
David Emmanuel Noel is a London-born interdisciplinary artist, designer, curator, and writer. His career includes working on art projects with local government bodies and charitable organizations such as the CAMBA, NHS Estates  , Guys and St Thomas’s Charitable Trust, and the NSPCC. An RSA Fellow and award-winning accredited PR Consultant, he has worked extensively with health and education professionals, architects, designers, and professional institutes, championing design quality and therapeutic benefits of the arts in public spaces. He was a director of the Brixton Artists Collective (BAC) in the early 1990s, established Artsway Ltd; a promotion company for visual and performance artists in the UK, and is a Co-Founder of the New York and London PR and Arts Media company Occhi Arts & Entertainment, owner of Occhi Contemporary Art Gallery and publisher of Occhi Magazine, featuring news, reviews and features on music, film, literature, fashion, and dance. A dedicated professional with work experience in the private, public, and third sectors, having worked with bodies such as the New York Mayors Office, Diaspora Now ( New York) RIBA, Friends of the Earth, the NSPCC, and the Stroke Association. He provides skills in marketing, fundraising, web design, and content management, bringing expertise in the areas of corporate relations, business development, and account management. Based in London & New York, works remotely, and is always up for a worthwhile collaboration!
  • Indie Film Features
    Indie Film FeaturesAs part of Occhi Magazine's ongoing interviews and features with artists across the creative disciplines. Occhi is particularly keen to showcase the work of emergent and successful independent filmmakers across the globe. This includes the work of Uisdean Murray, an award-winning filmmaker from The Outer Hebrides of Scotland. He’s been making independent films and music videos for nearly 20 years. His work includes the award-winning Gaelic language short film Siubhlachan (The Traveller) which w
  • Truth Revolution Recording Collective Interviews: Bassist and Composer, Alex Ayala
    Truth Revolution Recording Collective Interviews: Bassist and Composer, Alex AyalaPart of a series of Occhi Arts & Entertainment promotional videos and interviews with Truth Revolution Records Artists. A number of EPs were released in early 2022. Alex “Apolo” Ayala Bámbula, the debut album from New York-based bassist and composer Alex “Apolo” Ayala was released on February 11, 2022. Bámbula, Ayala’s debut album as a leader, is a celebration of Afro-Puerto Rican culture, cultural identity, and a tribute to his late mother and grandmother. The album comfortably fuses jazz
  • Coles Art Gallery Website Design and Promotion
    Coles Art Gallery Website Design and PromotionCole's Art Gallery is an excitingly new and fresh arts resource platform, providing original art, limited edition prints, collectables, and memorabilia to the general public. Cole's Art Gallery is working with several collaborators championing the arts and providing public access to the creative industries, including Occhi Contemporary Arts
  • Curated Exhibition of Work by Alan James Weiss: Out of Africa
    Curated Exhibition of Work by Alan James Weiss: Out of AfricaOcchi Contemporary Art was proud to present the profound and engrossing works of Alan James Weiss. This formed part of a series of annual projects featuring solo artists represented by Occhi Contemporary curated and marketed by David Emmanuel Noel. Born on the “Copper Belt” in south-central Africa in the town of Kitwe, Zambia, his style is not limited, and although his work is realistic and representative of nature, Alan also moves to expressionistic work as the mood takes him. His subject matte
  • Up Close and Personal with Indie Rock Band 'Vinok'
    Up Close and Personal with Indie Rock Band 'Vinok'A series of COVID lockdown interviews on emergent European based rock bands in 2020-21 VINOK is not just another indie-rock band, it’s a statement of authenticity and social change to create a new culture of justice in a land of unknown. Giving a voice to the marginalized and bluntly bringing to attention crucial hproblems of a global society is what the band is all about. Their topics range from disability rights to feminism, politics, and religion. Vinok’s sound is an unusual mix of alternativ
  • COP26 Together For Our Planet-  Exhibition and Publication
    COP26 Together For Our Planet- Exhibition and PublicationThis project is a collaboration between Occhi Arts and Entertainment and Phoenix FTA Limited, a UK-based sustainability strategy consultancy. Inspired by the UK Creative Earth Competition, Occhi Arts and Entertainment and Phoenix FTA Limited invited young artists from around the world to creatively engage with key topics of concern at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. The initiative provided young artists with a renewed opportunity to visually express their views to world leaders and communit
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Projects credited in
  • Occhi Contemporary Art Solo Exhibitions
    Occhi Contemporary Art Solo ExhibitionsOcchi Contemporary Art presents an annual series of group and solo exhibitions from selected artists from around the world, including Pantea Mahrou. Pantea Mahrou began her professional career ten years ago, delving into architecture and taking a leading role in her family’s construction company. She went on to teach at the acclaimed Azad University of Tehran. From a young age, she fell in love with ancient architecture, specifically during the Archimedean era, which has inspired her study into
  • Occhi Arts & Entertainment Supports Caribbean Fine Art Fair 2022
    Occhi Arts & Entertainment Supports Caribbean Fine Art Fair 2022Occhi Arts and Entertainment was proud to officially support and participate in this year’s Caribbean Fine Art Fair. There will be several panel discussions around topics of international interest for the Caribbean, black and global art communities, including a segment on NFTs. Webinars included ‘Printmaking as an Art Form: Opportunities for Collectors’ on March 13th, a conversation with a pioneer black graphic artist Cheryl D. Miller (March 16th), and a discussion on ‘Politics of Art: Contemp
  • Feature Actors Series
    Feature Actors SeriesEach year Occhi Arts & Entertainment features rising stars in film and television, from across the globe. We pay particular attention to projects representing artists, cultures, and themes underrepresented by the mainstream media. One such project features actor Aldrin Bundoc. He was born in Manila, Philippines, and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was five. Best known for appearances in Schitt’s Creek (2019), Private Eyes (2016), and Killjoys (2015) he stars in the new satirical c
Work history
    David Emmanuel Noel Ltd logo
    David Emmanuel Noel Ltd logo
    Artist, Designer & CuratorDavid Emmanuel Noel Ltd
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Professional experience includes arts administration, teaching (SEN) and public arts management, participating in several projects in Britain, Scandinavia, the Caribbean and the USA. Exhibitions and live music events include shows at the Brick Lane Gallery London, Whole 9 Gallery Culver City, the Landmark Arts Building New York, Philadelphia Museum of the Arts, and the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. Curatorial Experience includes: Caribbean Fine Art Fair (CaFa) 2022 Seminar/Webinars - Co-curation of Printmaking As An Artform, Politics of Art, and The Artist Interview- The series of events featured several artists, including award-winning designer Cheryl D Miller, philanthropist Danny Simmons and gallerist/curator Dr. Loris Crawford. Barbados. Curated Occhi Contemporary Art Gallery exhibitions include: Despina Symeou: Not Just For The Bedroom (Oct 2021) Pantea Mahrou: Serenity Behind A Persian Fortress (Sept 2021) Kerry Zacharia: London in Different Dimensions (July/Aug 2021) Curation of the Together For Our Planet - Art exhibition and 2021 publication Inspired by the UK Creative Earth Competition. Occhi Arts and Entertainment in collaboration with environmental consultancy Phoenix FTA Limited invited young artists from around the world to creatively engage with key topics of concern at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. The Association of African American Museum Conference -Museum Pedagogy: Informing and Educating Through A Parallel Delivery of Arts, Media and Mentorship – The Association of African American Museum Conference Aug 2021 – Collaboration with Grace & Graffiti & Kishan Munroe Washington DC. Royal Institute of British Architect's series of Client Forum touring exhibitions and talks exploring design quality in public sector buildings. 2001-2011 UK wide.
    Occhi Arts & Entertainment LLC/LTD logo
    Occhi Arts & Entertainment LLC/LTD logo
    Co-Founder & DirectorOcchi Arts & Entertainment LLC/LTD
    New York, United StatesFull Time
    Under the creative stewardship of Tiffany Unscripted, Occhi started as a hybrid digital magazine in 2015, releasing new features and sections with a focus on creative people. Although located in New York, Occhi Magazine reporters were based in Arizona, California, Canada, Illinois, and Ohio. The team currently includes writers in Toronto, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, and London. Further to the success of the magazine, and behind the scenes assistance to artists, publicists and creative businesses, Occhi Arts and Entertainment was established to provide a more tailored service. Capitalizing on the professional background of our growing team members, we provide professional advice and strategic support in the areas of business development, marketing, and public relations, with a particular focus on creative businesses. Our services and products include the popular Occhi Magazine, Occhi Contemporary Art Gallery, and bespoke art events.
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     - London, United Kingdom
    Accredited Member of the CIPR
    Global Award - Arts & Entertainment PR Agency of the YearCorporate Live Wire
    The Corporate LiveWire Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields. The corporate awards cover the most important sectors of business, from finance advisories, and funding providers to law firms and specialist advisory companies that deal with mergers and acquisitions. The culmination of the awards is the Global Award, covering businesses of every type that have proven their excellence throughout the year.
    PR in Arts and EntertainmentSME - UK Enterprise Awards
    SME Award for PR in Arts and Entertainment (Occhi Arts & Entertainment LLC/LTD)