Davide Sometti

Davide Sometti

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Davide Sometti

Davide Sometti

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Davide Sometti is a photographer based in London.
    AMERICAPersonal Project
  • CORTILI / FW2018-19
    CORTILI / FW2018-19Ad Campaign / Look Book
  • Trevor Sorbie
    Trevor SorbieCollection 2017
  • CO|TE / FW 2018-19
    CO|TE / FW 2018-19Ad Campaign / Look Book
  • ONE Magazine
    ONE MagazineISSUE NO. 11
  • RIVA
    RIVAAd Campaign / Catalogue
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Projects credited in
  • CORTILI - Lookbook aw2020
    CORTILI - Lookbook aw2020Cortili [kc:rti:’li] (Italian) = courtyards Travelling back in time to small Italian towns, courtyards were the place where people would gather to meet their neighbours and socialise, where kids would play and dream. Cortili brings back those memories focusing on sense of community and appreciation for the small things. This collection features limited edition pieces made using end-of-roll premium Italian cloth, which means we use fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. It is our wa
  • CORTILI - Lookbook ss19
    CORTILI - Lookbook ss19
  • CORTILI - Lookbook aw 2019_20
    CORTILI - Lookbook aw 2019_20"Tout Va Bien" In a parallel between Paris in the 60s’ and the contemporary world, Cortili explores a comparable engagement in the social and political climate with irony and sarcasm. La Nouvelle Vague becomes a point of reference for an intellectual movement against the mainstream where rejection of conventions is explored with a subtle but innovative approach. A new-New Wave is born.
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