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About me

Debbie Tzima Design is a Greek fashion brand inspired and founded by Debbie Tzima, an Athens-based graphic designer. You will find a series of surface pattern designs transformed into silk fabrics that can be worn as scarves, cover-ups or as an accessory. What makes our designs and products stand out? · We only use Greek silk. Greek silk is produced exclusively in Northern Greece and is absolutely eco- friendly. Silk is the strongest natural fibre, it is breathable and hypoallergenic and silk produced in Greece, in particular, is considered to be of the finest quality worldwide. · All products are sustainable, natural and eco-friendly. We use 100% natural silk for our textiles, and follow ethical and eco-friendly practices in every step of the production and our supply chain when possible. · We are part of Fashion Revolution, a “pro-fashion protester” movement that raises awareness of the practices of the fashion industry. Our aim, to encourage the creation of a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. · We are part of Slow Fashion, a movement that encourages the reshaping of our thinking process when we create or consume clothing items. Selecting classic designs of higher quality, avoiding trends and supporting local businesses ensures the longevity of the products and therefore, sustainability. Simply put, our products are not mass-produced, and at the same time, they are eco-friendly, ethical and green. · As part of our environmental policy, all our packaging is made by eco-friendly, recyclable materials.

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  • Adobe Indesign/illustrator/photoshop
  • Creative Arts
  • A Self-motivated
  • Always Happy
  • Hard Worker
  • Creative