Deeksha Talreja

Deeksha Talreja

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Deeksha Talreja

Deeksha Talreja

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Communication Design student Confused Illustrator Strong observer Capture candid pictures Pull off work under pressure On a look out for experience Enjoy traveling Part-time bartender Cancerian Indian Instagram :
  • Brand Design/ APEXX
    Brand Design/ APEXX Crafting the Identity APEXX has a contemporary, simple yet edgy brand mark which aims to feel modern and friendly, while still maintaining a corporate and reassuring edge. It was important for these qualities to be conveyed across the brand.
    M.I.A.'S MELTDOWNThere are a large number of music festivals in the United Kingdom, covering a wide variety of genres. Some of the U.K.'s music festivals are world-renowned and have been held for many years. These events are growing every year with more than 300 different large-scale music festivals around the world in the last year alone. In 2014, 1.34 billion dollars are projected to be spent on music venues and festivals in the UK alone. That’s a serious chunk of change and festivals are working hard to ensure they’ve got their branding just right. The visual side hugely enhances the festival-goers experience, and can be a big part of the journey of the event, and is also important for the performers and artists, enhancing the performances and the overall energy at the festival. It creates a magical context – it brings to life the environment that the festival is set in and helps the event work in balance – as opposed to working against it by simply being plonked on it with no regard for the natural setting. It gives the event soul as far as I am concerned, with its own identity and energy. Being a communication designer & a music festival goer, I noticed lack of branding in many festivals, even though their concept is brilliant, there was something about the visual identity which did not make a mark. Therefore, I aimed to research on one of the music festivals in the UK and go ahead and re-brand it. It’s the Meltdown festival which was curated by M.I.A, this year, I strongly believed that the festival lacked M.I.A.s vibe & aesthetics in its visual identity. Each year the Meltdown Festival is curated by a new well-known artist, which well describes the artist’s beliefs, values and energy. So, why not brand it the new way each year?I believe it will really make a huge difference and will create a better visual experience. After all, it’s all about the people & their experience!
  • R&R
    R&RThere’s a startup down the road – Riley&Riley Ltd. They’ve to sell a drink that promises to prevent hangovers – it’s a mix of vitamins, rehydration salts, amino acids that breakdown toxins, caffeine and one secret ingredient. The company was founded by two brothers from Yorkshire – Tom and James Riley. They came up with the idea at university when they couldn’t find anything on the market to make them feel better after nights out. They moved to London after graduating, set up their company and started manufacturing the drink. But when it comes to marketing, they don’t know where to start. They need a brand for their drink, they want something printed to promote it, and they want an app that people can use to manage their drinking (and hangovers!) TASK : Create a brand for the Riley brothers’ drink. You’ll need to consider everything, from the branding strategy to the design to the packaging.
  • Nature Spell Body Care
    Nature Spell Body CareBranding & Packaging for Nature Spell Body Care products.
  • Typography
    TypographyPersonal Project : An experiement with artworks and typography.
  • Keep An Open Mind
    Keep An Open MindThe idea is to take major headlines and information from leading online news portals like BBC, CNN, Independent, Telegraph and Guardian, and convert it into more visually appealing and informative political book, representing my thoughts on the issues and situations around us in the form of posters.
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    University of Westminster logo
    MA Communication DesignUniversity of Westminster
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