Eglė Gri

Eglė Gri

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Eglė Gri

Eglė Gri

PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm creating a different type of photographies. Always open for experiments and have creative ideas upfront. My obsession with photography started 6 years ago. Also, I got very into the post-production process. Always seeking the best quality results for my clients. From the beginning using a Sony alpha camera and professional lenses. I'm committed, passionate and very punctual with deadlines. I love to work with peoples and by myself. In my website, you can find my portfolio and projects I have done so far.
Projects credited in
  • The Luigi Cole Show Live
    The Luigi Cole Show LiveThis half live half recorded show was my key to completing my art Bachelor's degree. The show explores strong views on the behind the curtain of a political candidate, who we follow through in his last moments before the election results. What he doesn't know is that he will receive an unexpected visit from another dimension. I worked on my own for the developing of this idea until finally I had some collaborators that joined me to achieve this difficult piece that required several rehearsals an
  • The Living Theatre visits London Metropolitan University
    The Living Theatre visits London Metropolitan UniversityMy first extra curricular project collaborating with the university directly and not as a student. Documenting the two day visit the New York based "Living Theatre" company paid to our university.
  • The Domino Project Book
    The Domino Project BookThe idea came to me during my first trip to Roman Road Market. I was taking photographs of geometric shapes, mainly those I found on the floor. Positioning the pictures into a collage I noticed how they were creating a domino pattern. I took the pattern into illustrator and created a domino design for a plaque. I made a plaque with acrylic black and white plastic using the laser cutter. Through the plaque which portrays a set of domino tiles I want to commemorate the people behind the game. B
  • The Connection
    The ConnectionStudent Shortfilm for the subject Moving Image and Sound Practice.
  • The Butterfly Cafe
    The Butterfly CafeBranding For A Cafe Of The Future "Imagine you were a caterpillar about to evolve into a new you. ​ With all your thoughts, your doubts, you fears… Imagine you could stop right there your own metamorphosis and come out of your cocoon for a bit to get a coffee, some answers, some tips and a lead on your future. ​ What if I tell you there is a place to help you trough your transition from being a student to finding the job of your dreams? ​ A place for questions and answers, a place that value
  • Seed of Desire (D&AD 2020)
    Seed of Desire (D&AD 2020)My response to The Case for Her & Teen Vogue brief about challenging ideas around female pleasure and sexual wellness, as a part of D&AD New Blood 2020. A university course project.
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Work history
    PhotographerOlivia Brown jewellery
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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