Egle Ragauskaite

IT Project and Business Operations Manager

About me

Management professional with in-depth knowledge of projects, operations and performance management in multiple markets. Helped 6 companies so far to improve business operations and delivered a number of IT projects.


  • Recruitment
  • Digital Agency
  • Businesses Development
  • Account Management
  • Client Services
  • Customer Services
  • Creative
  • Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Management
  • IT Management
  • IT Consultant
  • Product Managemenet
  • Problem Solver

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    Work history


Consultant on Business Operations and Processes Development


    Feb 2015
    • Freelance
    • Consulting companies on business operations management and processes improvements. A position is based on analytical thinking, change management and implementation of best practices. I identify problematic areas, suggest improvements and together with the key partners implement changes to areas including but not limited to: - strategic and financial planing; - perfomance management; - day-to-day and project planing; - improving internal communications with the aim of increasing transparency; - relationship building with the key stakeholders and key business partners; - recruiting and team on-boarding/management.


    IT Project Manager


    Feb 2015
    • Freelance
    • End-to-End (from shaping the requirements and suggesting solution to after delivery support and users on-boarding) delivery of projects on time, on budget, and above customer expectations: - analysing customers business cases and shaping the requirements; - negotiating on contracts with customers and/or service providers; - forming and managing international in-house/outsourced developers and designers teams; - project delivery, users on-boarding and after delivery support. - at the highest peak time I managed up to 10 software development projects at the same time. - at times, when the customer had an in-house product’s manager, I worked hand in hand with each of them and was a key consultant on best solutions and planning the implementation of new features. In cases where the customer didn’t have a product’s manager on their side, I was fully responsible for making a features implementation plan and suggesting best solutions. Projects worked on: procurements system, medical information collecting system (product designed for hospitals), custom task management system, etc.


    Consultant on Business Operations and Business Development

    Scuola Internazionale DI Grafica, Venezia

    Apr 2016 - Oct 2016
    • Venice, Italy
    • Full Time
    • Young Entrepreneurs is a business exchange programme, offering new and experienced entrepreneurs to connect for knowledge and business management experience sharing purposes. During my stay with my host entrepreneur (private internationally oriented business) I suggested and/or implemented changes on business strategy, management and development. Personally I gained experience on running an arts and education business. Goals achieved during my 6 months stay: - identified management areas for improvements and made a plan for changes to three departments; - reached new business targets and partners such as European Universities and private art funds; - made a strategic plan of monetising new arts-related and tourists-oriented activity as an additional business case; - made an analysis of the graphic design’s schools market and current communication strategy and suggested changes, which were implemented by the head of the graphic design’s department; - suggested changing the Scuola’s Gallery’s strategy and wrote a new communication plan; - in my free time I assisted with on planning and setting up art exhibitions. Continuously volunteering on business development and international projects planning.


    Head of Operations

    Studio V4

    Jun 2013 - Aug 2014
    • Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Full Time
    • Studio V4 was a full service company delivering highly professional development services of custom digital solutions. My main goals as a Head of Operations were to effectively drive change into the organisation and be fully responsible for the day-to-day operations and general management processes for the successful longevity of the business. This position was based on analytical thinking, strategic and financial planing and executive relationship building as well as leadership skills. Some of the achievements: - initiated and set up KPIs to measure and evaluate progress against goals, which led to more precise day-to-day and long term operations and project planning as well as to better performance management; - identified risks and changed the format of legal contracts, which helped to protect company’s interests better; - I was a key player when planning the company’s short-term and long-term business activities; - worked closely with CFO on financial planning and ensuring the cash flow; represented the company on all levels: created and maintained relationships with - customers, government institutions, 3rd parties, shareholders; - increased the daily workflow of 15 team members (PM, developers, designers); - increased the organisational culture, created a motivation system and shored up the level of transparency; - assisted and later managed software development projects: commercial SMS sending platform, drugs dosage system, etc.; - carried out a project on EU Structural Funds (0.9 million worth) and have been a key team member in processing documents and study for the project of EU Funds (0.6 million worth).


    Administration Manager

    Studio V4, The Chocolate, Experiential Communications Heart_off Edit Studio V4, The Chocolate, Experiential Communications

    Feb 2012 - Jun 2013
    • Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Full Time
    • Whilst working at three companies at the same time, I gained skills of exceptional planning skills, quick reactions to changes and gained a reputation as a person who gets things done in an efficient and timely manner. My main responsibilities were: - ensured the continuous day-to-day business operations workflow at three companies; - allocated responsibilities through the relevant administration bodies; - initiated and improved the companies’ legal bases; - initiated and implemented changes to business management processes; - represented the companies on all levels: created and maintained relationships with customers, government institutions, 3rd parties, shareholders; - assisted with projects management.



    Political Science

    Vilnius University

    Sep 2007 - Jul 2012