Elizabeth Jane Winstanley


Manchester, United Kingdom
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About me

I am a multi disciplinary designer that seeks to engage audiences with visual and sound sensing tactility. I explore the space between two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms exploiting light, colour, pattern and movement to create illusions and immersive environments. Utilising industrial and household waste is fundamental to my design process. Combining media and techniques my work aims to explore an individual’s perception. Experimenting with alternative media I question the potential scale and contexts of textiles, mixed media and in my opinion, help to reveal new and exciting applications for the use of textiles and embroidery within current art and design contexts. I seek to not only create immersive environments but to also translate these discoveries into a wide area of design outcomes. I maintain an open mind with the vision of accessing any area of art and design. I have no imaginative boundaries in order to produce innovative concepts. I create large scale works however I like to work on an intimate level as well, working closely with clients to produce commercial and bespoke products. My work is adaptable to a variety of design genres, being able to translate these discoveries into more realms through collaboration is important to me, as I can adapt my designs to architecture, interior design, forms of set design and mental and physical health needs, stage design, theatre sets, galleries, installations, graphic, web design and virtual reality and user experience design. My key achievements to date are gaining a BA (Hons) first class degree (2013), completing my Masters at The Royal College of Art (2016), being a New Design Britain Awards finalist and winning the Manchester Design Centres Solo Exhibition Award. I have created interactive, live events and won a commission awarded by The Whitworth Art Gallery. Apart from working on my own personal creative projects I like to travel as often as I can. Life for me is all about creating memories, experiencing new things and testing my limits. Although I am scared of flying and heights I over came this fear by doing the highest sky dive and bungee swing in the world. I am a keen adrenalin sports player; white water rafting is another activity I have experienced. This year I am hoping to explore paragliding. I have just began learning another language and enrolled on a seven week beginners course to get to grips with Italian. I have always wanted to learn another language and every year I set myself goals and targets to achieve, this is one of those for this year. I chose Italian because I wish to travel across Italy this summer. In London, I often go for walks on Hampstead Heath and visit galleries and pop-ups on a regular basis. I love to try new food and immerse myself in London’s rich and diverse culture. I am a health and fitness enthusiast and attend the gym or swimming five days a week, its keeps my blood flowing and my positive energy pumping. Lastly I am very close with my friends and family and on my days off I often travel back up north to spend time with them. Having a strong support network is very important to me.

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  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Film
  • Visual Arts
  • Print Design
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Office
  • Photoshop
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Adobe
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Mac
  • Adobe Audition
  • Laser Cutter
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Etching
  • Embroidary
  • Acrylic
  • Drawing
  • Alternative Materials
  • Colour
  • Fabric
  • Stage Design
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Video Production
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Film/video Editing

Work history


Art Director

EJW Design

Jul 2013
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Freelance
  • Upon graduating from my BA(Hons) degree, I began to take on freelance projects and commissions. I was selected to work alongside New York based artist Jason Hackenwerth on giant urban structures that 'arose over night' in the center of Manchester for the Dig the City festival. This event was the summer city-wide celebration of everything green-fingered. I designed and curated my own solo exhibitions at the Manchester Design Centre, running talks throughout the show as well as live twitter discussions on topics relating to my project. Together with photographer Tristan Poyser, we created a stop animation feature film, which ran alongside another collaborative project with collective 0point3recurring. We produced a live, immersive sound and visual performance that was projected onto the surfaces of my tactile objects. This ran in conjunction with the annual Northern Quarter After Dark event. This is a citywide event, which attracts many spectators. From this I gained the opportunity to work alongside The Imperial War Museum, designing and running educational workshops for visitors. Together we created a tactile quilt constructed form contemporary materials such as acrylic. This activity aimed to teach participants traditional sewing techniques while educating them on the wartime history. I exhibited throughout the UK during this year as well, with the aim to network. I was featured at the interiors UK show, Manchester, New Designers, Islington and a New Design Britain Awards finalist, Birmingham. I still continue to work on freelance projects and have two dimensional art works for sale through my website. I am currently developing a tactile lighting piece, which can morph into different shapes and colours. I have recently been commissioned to create a prop for a stop animation, through the film production company Square Eyes. Further details of all of these projects can be found on my blog through my website. Reference / Commissioner Name: Kaylee Jenkinson Reference / Commissioner Contact Details: exhibitions@craftanddesign.com




Nov 2016 - Jan 2017
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Internship
  • The Internship with B-Reel, a Film and Creative Agency- 'A Modern production company creating commercials, branded entertainment, VR, TV and feature films, we are a team of story tellers and technologists creating new ways to connect brands and audiences .Our love of craft and technical innovation fuels our search for the unexpected. We’re an extended family of over 170 designers, developers, writers, strategists, and producers across six offices around the world. B-Reel is a sister company of B-Reel Films.' This role has included being an onset runner during filming, transcribing audio files for the B.A.F.T.A Award interviews, researching new up and coming actors and actresses for film and television company pitches and post production assistance.



Textiles Mixed Media

The Royal College of Art

Sep 2014 - Jul 2016
  • As part of my Masters course at The Royal College of Art, I solely recorded and produced a Virtual Reality experience. My vision for the future is to adapt my technological skills into areas of the design industry such as video and web production, set productions, immersive environments and experiences for public events and stage designs. To experience the interactivity, you need to open this video on your smart phone in your You Tube application. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmelO4T60pc&t=126s ‘Escapism is to escape from everyday reality. The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment’ Drawing inspiration from and celebrating the cultural acid house revolution, eighties nostalgia, sci-fi interpretation, the concept is an immersive sanctuary in the form of an installation that is comparable to another realm. Engaging audiences with visual and sound sensing tactility; utilising shape, colour, surface, sound, film, projection, light and reflections this environment occupies the edge between utopia and dystopia. Some materials will appear to have naturally grown or been left without human intervention, directly referencing the notion of dystopia, while others will suggest recognizable landscapes. Mesmerizing light projections and sounds immerse the spectator, forming an element of Utopia. The entire contents of this set was built completely out of waste and found materials. I am always drawn to plastic and materials that have light reflecting qualities, however I have always been mindful of the effects of materials on our planet therefore using industrial and house hold waste was a natural transition for my materials to go through and something I aspire to continue developing. Running alongside this final major project we are also asked to complete a dissertation. I was awarded the highest grade I have achieved for a written piece of work. My tutors often commended me on my research, organisation and writing skills. I am extremely proud of this piece of work and hope to make it available to download through my website soon. Lastly I would like to mention that I always strive to push the boundaries and pre conceived notions of what Embroidery and Textiles are. This approach is natural for me. I think outside of the box and feel I can contribute a different way of thinking both with material choices, technology and combinations of the two in order to break traditional design boundaries. http://www.elizabethjanewinstanley.com/escaping-existence-


BA(Hons) Embroidery

Manchester Metroploitan University

Sep 2010 - Jun 2013
  • Elizabeth graduated in June 2013 with a first class honours degree in Embroidery. Her final year work was an ambitious and highly creative programme of study that involved the integration of modern digital technologies with traditional stitch methodologies. Utilising both fabric and alternative substrates, she began to question the potential scale and contexts of textiles, and in my opinion, helped to reveal new and exciting applications for the use of embroidery within current art and design contexts. Especially exciting was her application of embroidery as both a construct device and embellishment process. Undoubtedly, Elizabeth possesses a high level of creative thinking that is matched by an innate understanding of process and technical rigor. She has excellent critical skills and a capacity for reflection and analysis that makes her fully independent and able to progress the work successfully, and push her practice into new territories without compromising the aesthetic and ideas important to it. In terms of producing work, I have no doubt that it will be of a high quality, fully resolved and of a standard that reflects her professional approach to all that she does. -Dr Nigel Hurlstone Throughout this degree I completed three internships. I worked as a print design assistant for Zandra Rhodes, Keeler Gordon and Claire Armitage. During this degree I discovered that I am a designer with an interest in illusions. Experimenting with alternative media, pushing the boundaries of embroidery I create illusions of line and colour by utilising pattern and light emitting wire. I explore the space between two dimensional and three dimensional pattern through screen printing onto acrylics. Movement and tactile elements are paramount to create illusions which are consistent throughout this body of work. My process always begins be utilising everyday objects, often recycled materials. This particular project began with the inner tubes of biro pens. Upon building these units together I noticed that , when layered the tubes they created illusions of line. Developing upon this I designed my own units using simple geometric shapes through the method of laser cutting. Joining these units together became fundamental because you need some form of movement to create an illusion, therefor the chosen material needed to retain the structure while allowing a certain extent of movement. Threaded rods and dome nuts allowed enough tension for the structures to hold their shape while allowing room for manipulation. These malleable structures create illusions through the layering of coloured acrylics and wood. Transforming the primary coloured acrylics into secondary colours as well. When handling these samples, over lapping them in order to see two layers, you begin to see the illusions of line. To exploit the fiber optic qualities of the acrylics, light was introduced. This opened up the scope for my work to develop into even more areas of design. Through the utilisation of light emitting wire, I extended the way in which I created pattern. Manipulating and trapping the wire around laser cut shapes gave me another design outlet. This time working flat and relying on the movement of the viewer around my work to be able to see the illusion, rather than the viewer physical engaging with the piece. This concept resulted in a final light installation commission at The Manchester Metropolitan University. It is two meters in length and one meter in height. Having completed a degree in Embroidery, people often ask me how my work relates to the program. I see myself as someone who has pushed the boundaries of embroidery. I create surface pattern and fabric with alternative media. Hand crafting the ‘fabrics’ with an almost traditional weave like method. This particular body of work was developed during my final year at University and has so much scope to develop into any area of design. http://www.elizabethjanewinstanley.com/commissions- During my graduate show I was chosen as the winner of The Manchester Design Centers Solo Exhibition award.