Ella Chedburn

Ella Chedburn

Visual ArtistFrome, United Kingdom
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Ella Chedburn

Ella Chedburn

Visual ArtistFrome, United Kingdom
About me
In a time of environmental collapse, my work tries to repair our disconnection with nature and spirituality using technology and fiction. Online research is a key driving force behind my practise; my sources are a muddled mixture of factual and fantastical, embracing the internet as a hub of fact and fiction. In one tab, I could be reading about the latest biotechnology developments; in the next tab: an ancient folklore surrounded by glittering clip art. This exploration usually culminates as books, prints, installations or films which dreamily merge technology, biology, and fantasy. My work tends to feature the forest, arguably the most significant setting for western fairy-tales and mysticism. Over the past year, I have been heavily inspired by the underground ‘fungal internet’ which trees use to communicate. I have blended this scientific research with folklore and poetry to create documentaries and books. Other projects include intimate stories written entirely by algorithms and digital light installations in the forest. Most recently, I’ve been (mis)using technology to ‘listen’ to plants (they’re not as sweet as you’d think!) and creating a fictitious form of data storage using moss balls. As Covid19 keeps most of us stuck indoors, I hope my work will transport you somewhere new – where plants talk, trees glitch, and algorithms become authors.
  • Data Water
    Data WaterMy most recent piece, ‘Data Water’, was inspired by pseudoscientific research into water having memory. My fictional invention pretends to store digital files in water with the help of a moss ball and rune-spell shaped Arduino device. This was an imagined solution to our data pollution crisis, as cloud storage services (like iCloud and Google Drive) are quietly generating the same amount of carbon emissions as the aviation industry. ‘Data Water’ is a ridiculous contraption yet the use of unf
  • Forest Light Installation
    Forest Light InstallationA real installation in Longleat Forest. I wheeled a fuel-powered generator and high-power projector into the forest and projected videos of shapes into the trees. The trees fragmented the shapes and created a completely new and surreal digital environment within the forest. ​ I wanted to explore how I could interrupt a natural organic landscape with strict logical geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are arguably the 'purest form', according to Malevich's Suprematism. I then decided that the 'pu
  • Printmaking: Geometric Shapes and Natural Forms
    Printmaking: Geometric Shapes and Natural FormsLithography, intaglio, screen printing
  • Book: Wood Wide Web
    Book: Wood Wide WebI made a book combining all of my research about trees and fungi into one single narrative. It merges science, digitisation, and mysticism. The book was displayed in a collaborative exhibition, BOOKish, at Stanley Picker Gallery in November 2019. The writing is printed in a small modern font, giving the narrative s a quiet yet matter of fact tone. The entire narrative is in lowercase except for a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end, creating one long, meandering sentence
  • Forest Virus
    Forest VirusMy two minute film 'Forest Virus' features a glitching virtual forest I created using 3D modelling software, overlaid with scientific and folkloric subtitles. These range from “trees warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network” to “it is bad luck to cut the branches because it will disturb the fairies”. It was inspired by an article which described the forest's communication network using digital metaphors. The glitching virtual forest is an inaccessible hidd
  • Talking Plant
    Talking PlantMoisture levels inside the soil silently trigger words to appear on the laptop like online messages. If your plant could talk to you, what would it say? A potted plant is entirely dependent on its human caretaker. It would say whatever it takes to ensure you care for it, even manipulating you if necessary. Your plant would probably be rather flirtatious too - a plant's primary goal is to reproduce. Viewers are hesitant to interact with installations (especially one that's telling you to chuck
Work history
    Social Media ManagerBat Print Studio
    United KingdomFreelance
    Successfully launched and maintained an Instagram profile for a new printmaking studio. Involved regularly documenting the work being produced, creating an aesthetic branded profile, copywriting, and engaging with the audience. Promoted their exhibition, created posters advertising courses, and attracted new members. (@bat.print.studio)
    Art School AssistantBat Print Studio
    Frome, United KingdomPart Time
    Assisting with teaching children ages 7-14 in a range of creative processes.
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  • Creative Non-fiction
    Fine Art BA (hons)Concordia University
     - Montreal, Canada
    Study abroad year with specialist studies in lithography, intaglio, colour theory, art and technology, and experimental new media / electronic arts.
    Kingston School of Art logo
    Kingston School of Art logo
    BA Fine Art HonoursKingston School of Art
     - London, United Kingdom
    4 years including one international year at Concordia University in Montreal
    Creative Conscience logo
    Creative Conscience logo
    CommendedCreative Conscience
    For Data Water, a fictional solution to our data storage crisis
    LSM Art AwardParker Harris