Ellen Christina Hancock

Ellen Christina Hancock

Freelance PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Ellen Christina Hancock

Ellen Christina Hancock

Freelance PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a freelance photographer, writer and content creator. I predominately work with creatives and in the fields of architecture and interiors. During my career I have interviewed the buildings manager of the Shard, the director of the Bauhaus and an architect working on the final stages of the Sagrada Familia. I have profiled award winning architects Stanton Williams in London, internationally renowned weaver Trine Ellitsgaard in Oaxaca, and the highly respected Miralles Tagliabue of EMBT in Barcelona. I have also been priviledged enough to visit and photograph most recently the stunning nations of Jordan, Japan, Peru and Mexico.
  • The Old Rectory  Newcastle, UK
    The Old Rectory Newcastle, UK
  • Maker & Sons - Kemps House
    Maker & Sons - Kemps House“Comfort is a real priority,” says Alex Willcock, 57. “A great way to motivate teenagers to spend time with you is by making them feel comfortable – it’s one of the reasons we started designing sofas in the first place! You’ve got to make sure it’s a house that you all enjoy being in.” Alex is speaking from Kemp’s House, just outside the village of Balcombe in West Sussex, where he moved with his family 16 years ago. It’s here that he and his son, Felix Conran, 26, co-founded Maker & Son – a fa
  • Imogen Kwok
    Imogen Kwok“As equal parts chef and artist, Imogen Kwok creates multi-sensory installations that are as tasty as they are conceptually interesting. On a warm afternoon in late summer, Imogen hosted some art-world friends for an informal lunch and told us why, for her, work, life, food, and art all get cooked into one."” Editorial Photography for Modern House Magazine Issue 3
  • Lunch with Kitten Grayson
    Lunch with Kitten Grayson“Known for creating floribunda for the darlings of the food, fashion and art worlds, Kitten Grayson has lately been trying out a new tactic. Who says fresh is always best? As she tells Inigo about her forays into flower-drying over a sumptuous squash salad, we declare her latest creations blooming marvellous.” Editorial Photography for Inigo
  • Tuesday Riddell - Painter specialising in traditional Japanning technique, London, UK
    Tuesday Riddell - Painter specialising in traditional Japanning technique, London, UK“Tuesday creates such richness through japanning, a technique originally developed in the 17th century as a means of imitating Asian lacquer work. Having learned about japanning at City & Guilds Art School as part of the Painter-Stainers’ decorative surfaces fellowship – a programme which seeks to provide students with specialist training in endangered crafts – Riddell uses her work to bring new life to this long-lost craft, creating unsettlingly beautiful scenes of the forest floor from using l
  • Jessie Cutts -  Textile Artist, Ramsgate, UK
    Jessie Cutts - Textile Artist, Ramsgate, UK“I always fall in love with old, broken-down things that need a lot of work,” Jessie Cutts, founder of slow-stitch textiles company Cutts & Sons, tells us. However, when she and her family moved from their three-bed house in London into a decaying Georgian terrace on the Kent coast, she unexpectedly found herself less than smitten with their new home: “The kitchen and dining room were initially okay, but the further you went up the five floors, the more derelict and terrible it became”, she says
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    Freelance PhotographerFreelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Clients: Modern House, Inigo, Piercy & Co, The Weekender, Lodestar Anthology, Archinect, Arup, Coqui Coqui Residencies & Spas, Jonathan Tuckey Design, Ben Allen Architects, Adviso, Considered Magazine, Strada, Nissan Richards, Stanton Williams, and Computer Arts Magazine among others.
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