Ellie Jackson

Ellie Jackson

Creative Copywriter, Culture Journalist & Founder of The Movement MovementLondon, United Kingdom
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Ellie Jackson

Ellie Jackson

Creative Copywriter, Culture Journalist & Founder of The Movement MovementLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Creative Director, journalist and publisher, creating bold ad campaigns, branding projects and editorial work covering culture, music, fashion, sport, luxury, lifestyle and beyond. Driven to explore culture as it appears and uncover stories that really matter to audiences, Ellie creates work to challenge perception and ditch boring and out-of-date traditions. Ellie has produced copy, branding and creative concepts for agencies including Rankin Creative, M&C Saatchi, Design Studio NYC and Ridley Scott. In 2022, Ellie independently launched The Movement Movement; a magazine by and for women and non-binary folk exploring movement and sport. Issue 00 is now on sale globally. Issue 01 is currently under production. ​ Ellie is now based in Berlin, leading the copy team as Creative Director – Copy & Concept at Kemmler Kemmler.
    ISSUE 00 - SEE YOU AT THE STARTING LINEOur 00 issue is an exploration of sport and movement by women voices across the globe. At The Starting Line, we celebrate starting anew, starting from scratch and re-starting all over again; something that rings true to all of us – athletes, sports-doers and those who identify as neither – following a couple of years like no other across the globe. This issue explores body image, disability, chronic illness, winning, losing, solitude and togetherness, leaning into the dualities that make sport
Projects credited in
    RANKIN CREATIVE I LEGO I 90 Years Of PlayCelebrating 90 years of the world’s most playful brand by shooting 90 LEGO lovers from 1-90 years old to show that play is ageless. “To play is to be in the world. Playing is a form of understanding what surrounds us & who we are and a way of engaging with others. Play is a mode of being human." - Dr Miguel Sicart, Play Scholar & Author. Featuring Peter Crouch, Ellie Goldstein, Dominic Grant and more alongside competition winners, the campaign reached over 450 million in national earned media
  • Best Seat In The House, Wateraid, 2021
    Best Seat In The House, Wateraid, 2021A host of artists, fashion designers and celebrities have created their own unique toilet seats as part of a project with WaterAid and the Rankin Agency to help elevate the status of the humble loo and celebrate them for the lifesavers they are. Harry Hill, Pam Hogg, Val Garland, Ozwald Boateng, Martin Parr, Boy George, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Pure Evil and Hayden Kays are among 25 artists who have given the Best Seat in the House a special splash of luxury to mark World Toilet Day on 19 November.
  • Mo Gilligan for 1883 Magazine
    Mo Gilligan for 1883 MagazineAssisted Styling
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Work history
    Freelance copywriter & culture journalist
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Covering campaigns across both creative ideation and copy for a range of brands and agencies, as well as culture stories in the editorial space.
    The Movement Movement logo
    The Movement Movement logo
    Founder & Editor-in-ChiefThe Movement Movement
    London, United Kingdom
    The Movement Movement is a new independent print magazine for women in sport. It is an entirely inclusive space for all women and non-binary people to explore movement in all its forms, from professional sport to whatever ways we move in our everyday lives. This magazine is built to change the male-orientated, male-organised and perfectionism-obsessed narrative around sport and to give women the platform to tell their own stories on movement - whatever it means to us - for the first time in the indie mag space. Issue 00 - The Starting Line brings voices together from across Europe to create a design-led conversation that is truly honest and a step away from the 96% of male voices in the sports media space. In doing so, The Movement Movement champions dualities. The joyous and the awful. The painful and the blissful. The winning and losing. The long and the short. Glossy is boring. Honesty isn’t. Issue 00 is out now, available direct and at Boutique Mags. https://www.themovementmovement.uk/
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    Queen Mary University of London logo
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    English and German 2:1Queen Mary University of London
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA English and German. Largely focussed on modernist & avant garde literature and art.