Elliot Smith

Event Manager




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Work history


Project Manager


Mar 2016
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • PlayPass is all about events and technology. They provide RFID events solutions for clients to gain operational insight into their events, streamline the event experience for the guest and assist in brand activation for sponsors. My role at PlayPass as UK project manager is to communicate with the client pre-event, to arrange all of the deliverables and make sure they are ready on schedule. There’s a vast range of possibilities within our system so asking the right questions is a good way to streamline the process. During this phase I will agree timelines with the client while I gather all of the information I need. This also requires constant communication with our team of developers in the Antwerp office. When it gets to the event I then manage a small crew to install all of the hardware and perform all necessary tests before the event goes live. We are always make sure we are 100% ready to go when the doors are live, with some contingency factored in, in case of delays. Naturally some problems can sometimes occur so some quick thinking and problem-solving skills are essential parts to a successful event.