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Ellis Jones

Editor in Chief of VICE MagazineLondon, United Kingdom
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Ellis Jones

Editor in Chief of VICE MagazineLondon, United Kingdom
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Experienced editor-in-chief and managing editor publishing high-quality news, photography, cultural content, and fiction. I oversee all story commissions, editing, photography, design, direction, and budget for VICE Magazine while managing the print team. I work across VICE’s vertical sites – from Motherboard to Broadly to Noisey and more – on special themed issues and packages, identifying key opportunities to collaborate. I spearhead the optimization of our content for VICE’s digital sites: creating a roll-out plan and schedule, refreshing headlines and packaging so our pieces work for a digital audience, curating multimedia assets, and working with the PR and social media teams to ensure our content is seen and has impact. I also manage the global print teams to ensure that they cover key issues that matter to our audience, are producing high quality content, and realize opportunities for special events and tent-poles, while also approving local stories.
  • THE BURNOUT AND ESCAPISM ISSUE, DECEMBER 2018If you’ve been keeping up with the magazine, then you know we’ve spent the past year trying to define what it means to be young in 2018. And after the year we’ve had, it feels fitting to close out our coverage with an issue dedicated to investigating mental health—or, more accurately, mental exhaustion—and the deep desire to escape from it all. This is the Burnout and Escapism Issue. Stress and mental health concerns are not unique to our generation. But this is a generation expected to be conn
  • THE POWER AND PRIVILEGE ISSUE, OCTOBER 2018We’re pleased to release our third quarterly edition of the year: the Power and Privilege Issue. In putting this issue together we took a cue from the VICE Voices survey we conducted in the US and UK at the start of 2018. The survey asked thousands of young people what they think about the future—what issues are important and what’s at stake. There were three key findings we wanted to delve into: Millennials and Gen Z don’t feel that their education is preparing them for the future and are worr
  • VICE Photo Issue, 2017VICE Magazine's Idols Issue, our 16th annual photo issue, in which we paired 16 up-and-coming photographers with the veterans who inspired them to pursue the medium, creating unique photographic conversations between generations of talents. Click here to explore the 2017 VICE Photo Issue.
  • THE DYSTOPIA AND UTOPIA ISSUE, APRIL 2018Our Dystopia and Utopia Issue (at right), shown next to a 2017 issue of VICE magazine, is our first quarterly issue of 2018. We made some design changes for the new quarterly format, including a larger size, matte paper, and even more editorial pages. VICE Magazine's Dystopia and Utopia Issue, which investigated whether we are slipping towards a dystopian future where hate continues to thrive, or if recent moments, movements, and discoveries have set us on a road toward a fairer, more utopian e
  • THE PRIVACY AND PERCEPTION ISSUE, JUNE 2018In this issue of VICE Magazine, created with Broadly, we explore the myriad forces that shape our identities, and how we portray our most private and public selves. Click here to explore the issue.
  • The Restless Youth Issue, 2016VICE Magazine's Restless Youth Issue, which tells the stories of the young men and women campaigning for the change they want to see in the world.
Projects credited in
  • Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling with Magnum PhotosThis work was produced during a 6-week intensive photography course with Create Jobs and Magnum Photos. Photographs were produced in fulfilment of a brief set by It's Nice That. The brief asked course participants to take photographs which portrayed what London was to them. Under the guidance of Magnum associate Sohrab Hura, a body of work was developed for display in an exhibition and to be printed in a zine. The concept for this project was the phrase 'we move'. According to the Urban Dictio
  • Creativity Works- Visual storytelling with Magnum PhotosThe Pursuit Drawing inspiration from Photographers such as Gordon parks and Diana Markostain. The Pursuit is a documentary style photo series shot and edited by Randy Mankoto. It highlights concepts of faith and community of people within his church. He felt that this was an important and unique story to tell seeing, as London is filled with millions of people with multitude of beliefs. His pictures are a mixture of interior and exterior scenes which looks at moments of reflection and intimacy;
  • The Face of The People that Need YOU!Delivered in a course by Create Jobs and Magnum Photos a brief was set by ItsNiceThat of 'What is your London?' The Face Of The People That Need YOU! is a portrayal of characters from Walthamstow Market, the heart and soul of my home. Growing up around shop-keepers and market traders from a young age i have witnessed generations come and go. With my personal connection to the community I can ask sensitive questions and gain honest insights, especially with a political issue like Brexit I can e
  • Creativity Works - Visual storytelling in association with Magnum PhotosA 6-week photography program for Londoners aged 18-24 years old, mentored by Sohrab Hura. This intensive course seeks to equip London's young creative talent with the connections, skills, knowledge and inspiration to tell stories that are important to them and that inform and impact social change. Through a range of practical workshops and activities, critique sessions and talks, twenty-five young Londoners will develop their own visual language and the skills required to understand photography
  • VICE "BORDERS" ISSUE 2019 - Filipino Chefs Are Taking Back Control of Their CuisineA long-form investigative piece on how Filipino cuisine is being redefined in the diaspora for VICE's "Borders" Issue, exploring the physical and invisible borders shaping our world. "Filipino food is gaining worldwide popularity. But as the diaspora grapples with the country's multicultural history, the cuisine's identity is yet to be established." Published online for Munchies, September 2019. Illustrations by Elnora Turner. Read full story: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wjwem4/fili
  • July 2018 (applications closed)Applications closed for this event on 18th July at 11am. Head here for upcoming events. Are you trying to break into the world of styling or photography? Or would you like to polish up your portfolio with the guidance of leaders behind the lens? If your answer is yes, then we'd like to see you at our upcoming Portfolio Masterclass. Whether you want to kickstart your career or step up to a new position, this Masterclass held at Soho Works Shoreditch could lead you to your next stepping stone. A
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    Editor In ChiefVICE
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Executive EditorVICE
     - United StatesFull Time
    Assisted the editor-in-chief with the daily management and organization of the print and digital staff as well as operational processes while also overseeing the print schedule and deadlines, development of the editorial calendar and themes, and the approval of story commissions and layouts.
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