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Emma Blackman

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
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Emma Blackman

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
  • Livvy Loves CakeThe branding identity designed for the start-up, Livvy Loves Cake, aims to embody the family values behind the brand. The hand-drawn logo signifies the handcrafted nature of Nicoles’ cakes and the love that goes into each one. While the colour and the imagery hint at the colourful energy Nicole's daughter, Livvy, brings to her mother's life and baking. Designed while interning for Betty Brooks.
  • More Talk, Less ShameThe topic of menstruation undeniably has a cisgender female bias, made evident through typical conceptions in every day conversations, as well as the marketing and design of period products. Due to this bias, assigned female at birth (afab) transgender and non-binary people are often not included when it comes to talking about periods. The ‘More Talk, Less Shame’ campaign aims to open up the conversation about periods while being inclusive to all who menstruate. This change to current conversati
  • Racks FitnessThe website designed for Racks Fitness introduces a brand style which previously had not been established. This was achieved by incorporating a range of grey tones and a primary gold colour, used sparingly to add some personality and link the design to the existing logo. As the clients were two young men, the design was kept on the minimal side but introduced a script typeface to appeal to their female audience.
  • We Are GoldThe ‘We Are Gold’ branding pitch for Leeds Arts University’s End of Year Show (2019) concept is twofold. The use of the colour gold aims to represent the gold standard of work the students are producing, while reflecting the design of the university’s new extension. The imagery features students under gold sheets as though they are artwork waiting to be revealed like in a gallery/museum.
  • Warrior1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, with an average diagnosis time of seven years. The app, Warrior, was tailored to help women suffering from this condition to track and monitor their symptoms, with the goal of reducing the diagnosis period. The app was designed to be customisable, allowing women to create a space which is unique and personal to them. The ability to add/view different symptom calen
  • TetleyLooking at how climate change and social awareness is affecting the packaging industry, the new packaging design for Tetley's plastic free tea bags uses eco-friendly processes and materials. The design only uses the colours CMYK to prevent the layering and overuse of ink during the printing process. Tin packaging was designed with the intention to be initially purchased, providing a sealed container to store the tea bags. The cardboard packaging was intended as a refill pack. The design in both
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  • Creative ConversationsCreative conversations is a week-long event encompassing 5 different guest speakers and workshops that allow students to engage with industry specialists within the sphere of Graphic Design. The event takes place at Leeds Arts University in collaboration with intern magazine. The engagement promotes a networking opportunity in which both parts benefit from new connections and skills, in the same way, that an electrical circuit must benefit from each element within it; encapsulated within this br