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Emma Bowkett

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
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Emma Bowkett

Director of PhotographyLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling with MagnumphotosROLE MODELS Originally from North West London Kevin Chemuka’s recent move to East London has opened his eyes to the diverse friendship groups surrounding him. What lessons are your friendships teaching you? Are they good or bad? Chemuka believes that we are the products of our environment and the sum of the five people closest to us. Through this work, he seeks to encourage these observations as a conversation between young men. As he gets older, Chemuka has begun to observe and appreciate t
  • The Inner MeCreativity Works - Visual storytelling in association with Magnum Photos This project is based on a brief set by It's Nice That called "What is your London?" The Inner Me is a personal project focusing on four generations of women in my family (including myself)- through their stories we learn how they navigate being Black Caribbean women in the UK. My desire to document this history is driven by the lack of representation within mainstream media. As an exploration of what has changed and what
  • Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling w/ Create Jobs and Magnum PhotosTree of Heaven ‘Tree of Heaven’ navigates a fluctuating path, one that explores the conflicting ideas of home and homelessness I have experienced in the past year and a half. The project does so using photographs more as fantastical backdrops emerging from the story, than as literal documentations of these juxtaposed ideas. The Tree of Heaven – itself a real species - has long been despised for its invasive nature: growing rapidly in its pursuit of light, it diminishes the lives of other plant
  • Creativity Works - Visual Storytelling with Magnum PhotosThe centrepiece is me holding up a childhood photo against what would have been my estate, before it got knocked down. Growing up, there was always conversations about finding a place to stay, people were always talking about looking for homes, and moving away into the abstract. Fortunately, when we had to move, we had it better than others and were able stay in Tower Hamlets (East London). Staying allowed me to witness the night and day change that occurred, for better or worse. I see people
  • Sweet Dreams - FT Weekend: Food & Drinks SpecialNightcap recipes from some of the World's best bar tenders for FT Weekend: Food & Drinks Special.
  • SUGAR RUSHThecanelé hasbecome the latest French pastry to go global. But the dessert’s rise has not been straightforward. Published in the FT Weekend Magazine.
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