Eoghan O'Keeffe

Code ~ creative ~ art

London, United Kingdom
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About me

Code ~ Creative ~ Art I'm into creative, cognitive challenges... Experiment with tech, science, maths, and art... Develop real-time graphics, games, apps, web... Aim for new spaces; useful work; striking experiences... I'm also into... Travel, aim to be nomadic... Learning, challenges, others' perspectives... Music, gigs, festivals, theatre, film, comedy... Art, drawing, exhibitions... Conversation, reading, debate... Football, parkour... Aim to join the themes of art and code... Learn by adapting across disciplines... Explore emerging technology and the changes they bring to our culture (AI, information, interfaces). _BSc 1:1_ [ Portfolio ](https://epok.tech) / [ CV ](https://stackoverflow.com/story/keeffeoghan) / [ GitHub ](https://github.com/keeffeoghan) / [ Working / Not Working ](https://workingnotworking.com/epok-tech) / [ YunoJuno ](https://uk.yunojuno.com/p/epok-tech) / [ LinkedIn ](https://www.linkedin.com/in/epok-tech/) / [ The Dots ](https://the-dots.com/users/eoghan-o-keeffe-411162) / [ Hired ](https://hired.com/x/27e86) / [ Remote ](https://remote.com/eoghanokeeffe) / [ Instagram ](https://www.instagram.com/epok.tech/) / [ YouTube ](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7mWtKk_MqtFfDd5NqHLOw) / [ Twitter ](https://twitter.com/@keeffEoghan) / [ Facebook ](https://www.facebook.com/epok.tech)

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  • Coding
  • Computer Graphics
  • Mathematics
  • Interactive Media
  • Art
  • Digital Arts
  • Digital Interactive
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Audio Visual

Companies I’ve worked with

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        Work history


        Code ~ Creative ~ Art


        Apr 2015
        • London, United Kingdom
        • Freelance
        • My freelancing company - for code, creative, and art projects. Developing freelance and personal projects - web, real-time graphics, experimental, audio-visual. - Tendrils, Max Cooper. - CALM Torch Songs. - Research and experimentation in physics, maths, graphics, and audio. [ https://epok.tech ]


        Creative Technology Director


        Apr 2017 - Oct 2017
        • London, United Kingdom
        • Full Time
        • Creating and delivering “unexpected” work for for B-Reel’s clients, injecting innovation into the agency’s projects, and being a champion of creative tech throughout the organisation. - Seek out projects that are the most fertile for creative tech innovation, and inspire the entire agency to embrace and experiment with the latest technologies. - Leads technical strategy, development, execution and innovation across projects. Collaborate with tech teams to adopt new technologies and practices, create prototypes, and work on R&D. - Work closely with internal cross-disciplinary teams, consult on the technological implications and feasibility of projects, and also lead tech-heavy projects. - Continually push the envelope and boundaries on how creative ideas and technology can work hand-in-hand. - Partner with MCD/CDs and Executive Producers to concept and build ground-breaking digital work. - Act as core project team member on designated projects helping develop new, technically innovative creative concepts. - Lead some projects. - Help Executive Producers and Producers to plan productions from a technical and resourcing POV, including feasibility studies and R&D research on production approaches. - Bring relevant tech and skills into focus for other disciplines such as Art directors, Designers, Motion and Strategy. - Strong expertise in problem solving and technical innovation. - Strong client facing skills. - Combine team insights with technology platforms. - Taking part in hiring, mentoring, supervising and guiding creative and tech team members to fulfil their full potential. - Responsible to maintain and develop the technical capabilities within an office. - Participate in external events as ambassador for B-Reel. [ http://b-reel.com ]


        Frontend Developer


        Jan 2013 - Apr 2017
        • London, United Kingdom
        • Full Time
        • Development (mostly front-end) on projects and more experimental prototypes, working alongside experienced and highly capable developers, designers, and producers. Picking up new skills on the fly in a challenging environment, at this vibrant and fast-growing digital agency based in Belfast, London, and New York; developing outstanding, award-winning work for major clients such as Google, Red Bull, and Ford. - Prototyping, R&D, real-time graphics. - Project development, occasionally as lead. - From big long-term enterprise apps... - ...to smaller micro-sites with quick turnaround. - Some physical/embedded systems. - Good company culture, talks, and hacks. Notable projects: - Google Live Cases. - Google Chromecast - Own The Ice. - Digital Garage, with Google. [ https://beta.rehab ]


        Junior Software Developer

        Fluid Rock

        Feb 2011 - Sep 2011
        • Dublin, Ireland
        • Internship
        • Intern at a digital design and development agency; continued in the role afterwards, after quickly picking up skills on-the-fly: - edcoDigital - Software design and development (including iOS and web) - Conducting research and picking up new skills - Involved with the planning and development processes and client-relations - Maintained and added features to existing projects



        Bsc Entertainment Systems

        Waterford Institute Of Technology

        Sep 2008 - Jun 2012
        • Waterford, Ireland
        • B.Sc. first-class honours (1:1): - Lumens (final year project) - Development with the PSP SDK (insight into lower-level programming environments) - OSX and iOS development - AI, and procedural behaviour - Physics and graphics engines - 3D modelling and motion-capture - Game design - Maths and physics Subjects included: - Algorithms - Physics - Mathematics - Data Structures - Apple Macintosh Programming - Enterprise Applications Development - Databases - Internetworking - Distributed Systems- 3D Animation - Web Applications Development - Games Console Development - Artificial Intelligence - Game Engine Development - Projects (very practice-focussed)