Eoghan O'Keeffe

Eoghan O'Keeffe

Code ∩ creative ∩ artLondon, United Kingdom
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Eoghan O'Keeffe

Eoghan O'Keeffe

Code ∩ creative ∩ artLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Eoghan O'Keeffe [əʊən əʊˈkiːf] code ∩ creative ∩ art @ epok.tech I make art and creative work through tech… adapt and learn across disciplines; evoke natural dynamics, forms, interaction; explore creative applications of emerging tech. --- I'm interested in creative, conceptual challenges… experiment with tech, physics, maths, art; develop real-time interactive graphics, web, apps, games, AI, XR; explore new spaces, create striking experiences and utility. - Real-time interactive graphics, art, games: WebGL, GLSL - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning: vision, graphics, data; Tensorflow, PyTorch - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, eXtended Reality: WebXR - Web and app development: mostly Front-End, JavaScript, TypeScript, React; some Back-End, ops, native, Node, Python - Natural dynamics, forms, interaction: emergent physics, gesture, audio, feature-tracking, Computer-Vision - Research and development: tech, physics, maths, prototyping, algorithms, architecture - Creating across contexts: online digital, app products, events, installations, exhibits - Developer, director, consultant: leading and collaborating with creatives, designers, developers, clients; explore challenges, approaches, solutions; from concept to prototypes to production - BSc 1:1 Entertainment Systems: interactive and game software development focus I'm also into... exploration, travel, nomadism, challenges, other perspectives; art, drawing, exhibitions, discourse, learning, debate, reading; music, gigs, festivals, film, comedy, theatre; scuba, snowboard, parkour, football. --- [Portfolio](https://epok.tech/) ~ [CV](https://www.notion.so/CV-2feccf5f5ad84936a6205df6dbd347d5) ~ [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/epok.tech/) ~ [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/@epok-tech) ~ [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/epok.tech) ~ [Twitter](https://twitter.com/epok_tech) ~ [GitHub](https://github.com/keeffeoghan) ~ [GitLab](https://gitlab.com/keeffeoghan) ~ [OpenSea](https://opensea.io/epok-tech) ~ [Olta](https://www.olta.art/profile.html?wallet=0x03c0ec09395d5ea4a1d508b890d45f175d7101a1) [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/epok-tech/) ~ [The Dots](https://the-dots.com/users/eoghan-o-keeffe-411162) ~ [Working / Not Working](https://workingnotworking.com/epok-tech) ~ [YunoJuno](https://uk.yunojuno.com/p/epok-tech) ~ [WellPaid](https://wellpaid.io/contractor/eoghan-o'keeffe-33b065b) ~ [RemoteOK](https://remoteok.com/@epok_tech) ~ [Hired](https://hired.com/x/3158170491cd086d1bb626c32343d440) ~ [email](mailto:epok.tech@gmail.com)
  • Tendrils | Max Cooper, Trust @ epok.tech
    Tendrils | Max Cooper, Trust @ epok.techInteractive music visuals for Max Cooper's Emergence AV collaborations project. As featured on Google Chrome Experiments.
Work history
    Freelance code ∩ creative ∩ artepok.tech
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Work focussed on art and creative projects via tech, across many disciplines and roles - senior to lead to director, coder to consultant, concept to R&D to prototype to production - self-driven enterprises, freelance client and agency work. - Developing real-time graphics, web, apps, games, AI, XR. - Experimenting, researching, and developing across tech, physics, maths, prototyping, algorithms, architecture, art. - From early concept to research to prototypes to full production builds. - In mostly lead or solo hands-on roles - contractor, consultant; self-driven enterprises - working with creatives, designers, developers, and clients. - Exploring distinctive techniques and styles - particularly using technologies and simulation techniques to evoke natural dynamics, forms, and interaction; via emergent physics, gesture, sound, feature-tracking, Computer-Vision. - Applying emerging technologies to creative concepts and challenges. - Creating across contexts including online digital, app products, events, installations, exhibits.
    Creative Technology DirectorB-Reel
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Creating and delivering “unexpected” work for for B-Reel’s clients, injecting innovation into the agency’s projects, and being a champion of creative tech throughout the organisation. - Seek out projects that are the most fertile for creative tech innovation, and inspire the entire agency to embrace and experiment with the latest technologies. - Leads technical strategy, development, execution and innovation across projects. Collaborate with tech teams to adopt new technologies and practices, create prototypes, and work on R&D. - Work closely with internal cross-disciplinary teams, consult on the technological implications and feasibility of projects, and also lead tech-heavy projects. - Continually push the envelope and boundaries on how creative ideas and technology can work hand-in-hand. - Partner with MCD/CDs and Executive Producers to concept and build ground-breaking digital work. - Act as core project team member on designated projects helping develop new, technically innovative creative concepts. - Lead some projects. - Help Executive Producers and Producers to plan productions from a technical and resourcing POV, including feasibility studies and R&D research on production approaches. - Bring relevant tech and skills into focus for other disciplines such as Art directors, Designers, Motion and Strategy. - Strong expertise in problem solving and technical innovation. - Strong client facing skills. - Combine team insights with technology platforms. - Taking part in hiring, mentoring, supervising and guiding creative and tech team members to fulfil their full potential. - Responsible to maintain and develop the technical capabilities within an office. - Participate in external events as ambassador for B-Reel. [ http://b-reel.com ]
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    Bsc Entertainment SystemsWaterford Institute Of Technology
     - Waterford, Ireland
    B.Sc. first-class honours (1:1): - Lumens (final year project) - Development with the PSP SDK (insight into lower-level programming environments) - OSX and iOS development - AI, and procedural behaviour - Physics and graphics engines - 3D modelling and motion-capture - Game design - Maths and physics Subjects included: - Algorithms - Physics - Mathematics - Data Structures - Apple Macintosh Programming - Enterprise Applications Development - Databases - Internetworking - Distributed Systems- 3D Animation - Web Applications Development - Games Console Development - Artificial Intelligence - Game Engine Development - Projects (very practice-focussed)