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Etty Flynn

Art DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Etty Flynn

Art DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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I have a very beautiful Italian friend who used to stand out for her long blonde dreadlocks, which she would twist up into a bun. She surprised us all one day when she suddenly chopped them all off. When asked why she acted so impulsively she said, il cambiamento è vita, 'change is life'. That sentence has stuck with me ever since. I think this is why I'm happiest when learning and trying new things; it makes me feel alive. My design process is shaped by this stubborn itch for all things novel, which manifests itself through playful and idiosyncratic media - some of which include: animated silk, unfixed photographs, a photobooth for helping hands and a design symposium on failure. I'm a soon-to-be graduate with an MA in Graphic Communication Design from Central Saint Martins and I'm currently looking for work as a creative, strategist or copywriter. Have a look at my work here:
  • .It’s daring to take risks in design, and talking about them when it all goes pear-shaped is even more ballsy. In an effort to de-stigmatise failure in the creative industries, three friends and I founded Fail Better: a monthly talk series that celebrates all things imperfect. We all make mistakes, so why not learn from each others blunders? Hosted at various locations around London, our talks are a platform for gutsy graduates, tutors and professional creatives to spill the beans on the worst w
  • Helping HandsBrief To design a cookbook for kidney patients as well as an audience-facing activity at Tate Modern that would engage the patients in informing the book's design. Response Although kidney disease in more common in black people and people of South Asian origins, the dietary guidelines that are given to kidney patients by the NHS do not feature food from these parts of the world. Vital Arts has therefore teamed up with Barts Health NHS Trust to curate a selection of renal recipes written by the p
  • We are like MayfliesBrief To design a publication that 'stares death in the face' and obliterates contemporary Western society's intellectual and emotional 'divorcement' from death. Response The final outcome is a book that can only be read once, before its content disappears forever. The text has been exposed onto darkroom paper, and not fixed with any chemicals. Once the book has been taken out of its sleeve and box, the text starts to disappear. Inspired by atheist writers of note, such as Emily Dickinson, who once wrote, 'That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet', We are Like Mayflies has to be enjoyed in the small amount of time that it remains legible.
  • Playful portraitsBrief With clients such as Chanel, Armani, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss, Puntoseta is one of Italy’s leading textile suppliers. After completing a summer internship as a textile designer, I was asked to find a creative way to depict the company's staff on their new website. I travelled to Italy to photograph the Puntoseta group and then printed the portraits, using their printer, onto one of their silks. Response The outcome is a collection of playful portr
  • AUB Library GlobeBrief To design a portrait of the university campus by recreating the data systems of your surroundings within a set of synthesised visual systems. Response The AUB Library Globe is a 3D infographic representing all books taken into and out of the library on the 6th of October at the Arts University of Bournemouth. The globe is made up of 4 semicircular books and each page represents a minute of the day: the blank pages are the minutes in which no books were taken out and the coloured pages are
  • It's raining typographyThis collection of concrete pots reveals hidden messages when wet by the rain. The pots were designed to promote urban agriculture and to inspire people to grow herbs and vegetables outdoors, taking advantage of the UK's rainy weather. The superhydrophobic spray is invisible when dry which means that the text can be seen only during miserable weather. This way, we catch our audience whilst they are experiencing the downpour, encouraging them to make a positive out of what some might see as a neg
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  • Infograhic Design
  • Copywriting
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  • Photoshop
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    MACentral Saint Martins (UAL)
    London, United Kingdom
    Graphic Communication Design
    BA (Hons) Graphic Design - First Class HonoursArts University Bournemouth
     - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    UAL Society AwardsUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    Best New Society
    New Blood Graphite PencilD&AD
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