Eve Stainton

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United Kingdom
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Eve Stainton is an artist working with movement, the process of creating performance, and digital collage making. Her practice often takes the shape of queer and very intimate collaborations enquiring into/exploiting the influx and generation of desire and vulnerability as a form of protest in response to restrictive normative attitudes. She co founded The Uncollective 4 years ago with Michael Kitchin whom have since been occupied with using their bodies/relationship/materials to question ‘who is deemed to make a useful contribution to society?’ from a queer perspective. Eve has begun an ambitious collaborative project with Florence Peake since entering a romantic relationship, which prioritises the queer, sensual, lesbian experience. More recently, Eve has become occupied with digital collage making as an alternative way to view the format of choreographing space/experience working with a different, potentially more spacious, form of abstraction when dealing with implicating the queer self. This being her first solo endeavour. Eve and The Uncollective have presented works at: Tangente Theatre Montreal (2017) recipients of the Artist International Development Fund, Royal Academy of Art (2018), Siobhan Davies Dance (2018), Adelaide Fringe (2017) winning ‘Best Dance Award’, Guest Projects (2016), among others. Eve and Florence’s performance work includes: ‘Slug Horizons’ at The Place for ‘Splayed: Disruptive Femininities’ (2018), ‘Friendship, Attraction, Collaboration: Performing Intimacies’ Roundtable at the Royal Academy of Art (2017), PS/Y’s ‘Hysteria’ programme (2018), Hayward 50th Anniversary event (2018). Eve has also performed for Anthea Hamilton at Tate Britain, Compagnie ECO’s international tour (2016/17), Barbara Gamper at the ICA, Jamila Johnson-Small at ICA, and freelance in the fashion and commercial industry for Vivienne Westwood, Dior, London/Paris/Shanghai Fashion Week, Goldfrapp, and Holly Blakey. Eve has also begun leading movement workshops, recently at Tate Britain as part of 'Queer & Now', using fantasy and touch as a way to experience a shared confidence, power and ownership of the body to erupt and expose queer potential.

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