Evgenia Chuvardina

Evgenia Chuvardina

Illustrator and Graphic DesignerDüsseldorf, Germany
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Evgenia Chuvardina

Evgenia Chuvardina

Illustrator and Graphic DesignerDüsseldorf, Germany
About me
Evgenia Chuvardina is an illustrator and graphic designer. Originally from Russia, she now lives in Germany, Düsseldorf. Quoting her words she now draws "pictures full of colour and bizarre ideas." Evgenia’s illustrations drip caustic humour on all aspects of modern life and attitudes.
  • Porcelain
    PorcelainGlobalisation has a strong influence on life of every country. Traditional cultures disappear, their places are taken by consumerism. We see a next period of Chinese influence on the West. Oriental motives and production items from Asia are in the mass market, and they are seen as China’s expansion by many. On the other hand, globalisation and western way of life impacts people in this ancient country, changing their way of living with an unprecedented pace. The reservation of traditional cultur
  • Stay home on Holidays!
    Stay home on Holidays!It looks like 2020 is the worst year of our lives. Overall results, with a horrible global pandemic, growing economic and racial inequality, terrorists’ attacks, not finishing wars, a divisive elections in USA, wildfires, even murder hornets etc., who can dispute that 2020 has been dreadful? However, I hope that the next year will be better, it has to be better! I wish you happy, healthy and full of fun Holidays! Please stay home, it could save lives!
  • Spooky Halloween!
    Spooky Halloween!We will have a new Covid quarantine next week here in Germany. Of course it destroys everyone’s plans, but I hope it will bring some results. Try to have fun, but please don’t forget about responsibility!
  • Bauhaus style composition
    Bauhaus style compositionAnimation inspired by the Bauhaus school which has a major impact on modern art, design, architecture and art education in 20th century. Bauhaus celebrated 100 years in 2019.
  • The coral soul
    The coral soulCoral reefs are unique, biologically rich, and complex ecosystems, providing food and shelter to a quarter of all marine species, and they support fish stocks that feed more than one billion people. Global Warming takes a tool on coral reefs. They are dying of warmer water and thereby all ocean ecosystem could be dramatically changed. The illustration was drawn and coloured in PS with Wacom.
  • Black lives matter!
    Black lives matter!We all bleed the same color. This illustration is my support to the movement as an artist.
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Projects credited in
  • Website Illustration
    Website IllustrationEvgenia's bold and brilliant graphics matched our website design perfectly! Thanks Evgenia for helping us to provide a bit of colour and comic relief during the darker times of quarantine.
  • Fabrik Conditioner 21.02
    Fabrik Conditioner 21.02Shining the spotlight on fresh creativity from our Fabrik creators, featuring Malte Rosenfeld, Karen Joaquín, Nurlan Tortbayev, Tim Arnold, Stacey Farrell, João Marques, Evgenia Chuvardina, Nick O'Brien, Andrew Kinsler, Fẹ́mi Awójídé, Unlisted, Tom Boucher, Dave McEllistrum, Charlie Herranz, Jan Vrhovnik and Ines Relvas.
Work history
    Düsseldorf, GermanyFreelance
    Graphic DesignerAdvertising Agency "Cream Team"
     - Kyiv, UkraineFull Time
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Hand Drawing
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Print Design
  • Digital Printing
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
    Graphic Design and MultimediaUral State Academy of Architecture and Arts
     - Yekaterinburg, Russia