Federica Schiavello

Federica Schiavello

Producer, Writer, FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Federica Schiavello

Federica Schiavello

Producer, Writer, FilmmakerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Made in Italy, refinished in the UK, Fed is the product of a multi-cultural and multi-classical world standing between the evil producing and the dreamy sweetness of writing. Ingredients: Creative Savvy Producer, Organisation & Control on Money skills, International Logistics & Shoot experience, x4 Language Fluency, Screenwriting Degree, Commercial knowledge, Documentary passion, Love for Film and a hint of that Italian Mama cooking.
  • Stay Behind
    Stay BehindSet during the Years of Lead in Italy, Stay Behind unveils the other side of terrorism, instability and misleading of investigations on behalf a secret military organisation: Operation Gladio. Antonella is one of the few women within the operation and allegedly a hidden mastermind. Based on a true story. Stay Behind - Lo stato parallelo dietro l’agenda rossa Written & Directed by: Federica Schiavello Starring: Heléna Antonio With the participation of: Andrei Maniata Creative Director: Giacom
  • Sex, Coffee & a Cinnamon Roll
    Sex, Coffee & a Cinnamon RollShot to glamourise the morbid aesthetic of a dull March day in Greater Manchester; a protagonist that could be plucked out of any pub from Stockport to Coventry; and with a score echoing the unsettling quirk of a Jon Brion piece, SCCR hopes to capture the audience in an escapade of absurd proportions, whilst also providing them with a fresh and inviting conclusion that’ll hopefully leave them with a twisted smile on their beautiful faces. Written & Directed by Adam Bentley | Produced by Federic
  • Burberry - Nature Versus Nurture
    Burberry - Nature Versus NurtureSole and Burberry present an emotive short film featuring Nigerian artists, The Ebinum Brothers. Set in an autumnal British forest, the familial performance interprets contrasting worlds through duality, escapism and discovery. Flowing through the landscape in a dreamlike motion, the camera follows each brother on their journey through the serene and natural landscape. A reflection of self, as each mirrors the other across a clearing, separated only by water. Their movements mimic the forces
  • Brussosa SS21 - Raíces
    Brussosa SS21 - RaícesBrussosa SS21 campaign infuses elements of city life with nature, bringing the ethos of this Spanish brand alive. Raíces (Roots) is a film focusing on natural materials used in the designing of Brussosa bags whilst maintaining the city heritage of the brand based in Barcelona. DIRECTOR + EDITOR Somayeh PRODUCER Federica Schiavello / WAYE 1st AD Zarife Sevin DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Carmen Pellon Brussosa STEADICAM OPERATOR Hannah Jell 1ST AC Edward Vijayavargiya 2ND AC Laura Aguilera GAF
  • av vattev AW21 x Faux Real Music Video | Generation in Rehearsal
    av vattev AW21 x Faux Real Music Video | Generation in RehearsalIn occasion of av aattev new collection of for AW21, we realised a fashion music video with the amazing Faux Real. Now at London Fashion Week Music by Faux Real Mastered by Enrique Tena Padilla Producer: Federica Schiavello / WAYE Director of Photography: Jack Hamilton Set Designer: Afra Zamara Casting Director: Emma Matell-Hyllested Makeup artist: Page Whiting Editor: Toby Haygarth Colorist: Jay Ganduglia Starring: Elliott Arndt, Virgile Arndt, Fikayo
  • I See You
    I See You" I See You' is a short fashion film exploring the female experience of sexual harassment whilst under the male gaze. Inspired by a new generation of models speaking out, this film draws attention to an issue which remains far too common within the industry. By challenging the existing visual language and subverting traditional power dynamics, this film aims to raise further awareness, but more importantly empower further change. All the dialogue and point of view scenarios are based on true eve
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Projects credited in
  • Kenji Chai x WAYE
    Kenji Chai x WAYEThis video is a collaboration between the international street artist Mr.Kenji Chai and Waye. Used to paint a whole skyscraper in Asia, Kenji just played with these skills on this short live art video, painting a quick artwork in London at the Leake Street Arches hall of fame. The soundtrack is made by @Cubv
  • Feral _ trailer for a play
    Feral _ trailer for a play
  • Age of Conversation
    Age of ConversationConnecting people with businesses via Facebook Messenger
  • DriveNow Expansion Launch
    DriveNow Expansion LaunchTVC for DriveNow car sharing app to show recent expansions in London
  • Doppleganger Dialogues Poster
    Doppleganger Dialogues Poster
  • Feral
    FeralA new Gypsy-Folk musical drama by BAFTA-winning playwright John Foster, director Charmaine K Parkin, singer-songwriter Hui Hue and harpist Caolan Walpot. Exploring racism, community, the gypsy experience and the conflict between logic and intuition, this compelling one-woman show follows the story of eighteen-year-old Simone as she is gripped by a magnetic and overwhelming wanderlust
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Work history
    Producer & FilmmakerWAYE
    United KingdomFreelance
    For several narrative projects such as - Gulls & Buoys (In progress) dir. by Nathan Miller & Josie Charles (2019) - P.A.L.S. (In progress) dir. by Rosco5 (2019) - A Pleasing Shape (In progress) dir. by Patrick Brooks (2019) - Stardust, dir. by Federica Schiavello (2017) Documentary Projects - Ser Quijos, ser Vivos (2017), dir. by Federica Schiavello - Pirates, Castaways & Codfish (2018), dir. by Federica Schiavello
    Production ManagerLabour Party
     - York, United KingdomFreelance
    Working alongside Producer Erin Bottari and Director Josh Cole, Long Way Home is an ambitious shoot, spacing from Wales and York. As PM I was in charge to co-ordinate all logistics and transport of a mainly London based crew and cast from different parts of UK. The shoot involved also a crowd of over 200 people marching in the town of York.
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  • Producing
  • Foreign Languages
  • Screenwriting
  • 1st AD
  • Directing
  • International Relations
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Film
  • Coordinating
  • Documentaries
    BA(Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and TelevisionBournemouth University
     - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    I am a graduate student of Scriptwriting for Film and Television at the Media School, the only scriptwriting faculty within UK with an accredited skillset. This course has been providing the tools and the instruments that create an effective and engaging story-telling for the audience and for the industry. The units have focused also on pre/post and in production skills, team work, reflective essays upon scriptwriting.
    Diploma Di Maturità Liceo Linguistico Alessandro Manzoni
     - Milan, Italy
    I attended for five year the most renowned ‘Foreign Language’ High School in Milan gaining a final score of 96/100 (AAA equivalent) for my Diploma. This high school provided a broad humanitarian and literary knowledge, based on strong studies of Italian, English, French and Spanish.