Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes

Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes

Polymath - Sound Engineer, Musician and EditorLondon, United Kingdom
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Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes

Felipe Gutiérrez Reyes

Polymath - Sound Engineer, Musician and EditorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm originally from Colombia, but I lived in the USA for four years and six years in the UK now, which is where I'm based. I work as a freelance sound engineer, music composer and video editor. I like to approach projects in a holistic manner, understanding where everything must fit in order to convey a story, a narrative; to create emotion in people.
  • Fleeting Constellations
    Fleeting ConstellationsFleeting Constellations is a multi-medium short that tracks the transience of love, combining written, animated and live-action sequences.
  • Hidden Stories
    Hidden StoriesShort film/documentary about two interconnected tram drivers in Dalian, China. The beautiful and simple stories behind the eyes we sometimes disregard or take for granted on a day-to-day basis.
  • TLD - A Story in Colour
    TLD - A Story in ColourTLD - A Story in Colour
  • Composing for Film and TV - Showreel
    Composing for Film and TV - Showreel
  • And Another Thing
    And Another Thing
  • Alma - Short Film - Sound World
    Alma - Short Film - Sound World
Work history
    Director - FilmLooking China - 2018
    Dalian, Liaoning, ChinaFreelance
    I am currently shooting a short-film / documentary (10 minutes) in Dalian, China. The whole thing must be shot, edited, and colour graded in 11 days. I am doing all those tasks. Brought whole sound kit (SoundDevices 788t + Boom Pole + Lapels + Shotgun Mic), C100, and two LED lights with me. Got chosen for the Looking China 2018 program back in March after applying.
    Yusuf / Cat Stevens - On The Road to Find Out 2020 - Video EditorYusuf Islam
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • DAW Profficency
  • Audio Engineering
  • Sound Recording
  • Music Mixing
  • Video Editing
  • People Person
  • Music Composition
    BA (Hons) Music Technology - First Class HonoursThe University of Huddersfield
     - Huddersfield, United Kingdom
    Being a musician and a music technologist is something that has given me a bit of an edge when it comes to film-making. It has given me a more holistic approach to the entire process and I think a good sense of rhythm is essential when editing and cutting, and this is something that my music skills have given me. Also, sound is crucial to making a good professional production , hence anybody creating content should know what quality sounds like and how to achieve it. During the degree I got the chance to work with all kinds of software (Adobe Suite, DAWs like Pro Tools HD (10, 11, 12), Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live). Access to Lynda.com tutorials was also one of the resources that let me learn about a lot of aspects uni never touched upon. Three years (technically four due to placement year) of absolute hard-work, but, that´s it. Work hard, but party hard too!
    5 Week Summer Course - Certificate of CompletionBerklee College of Music
     - Boston, United States
    I was awarded a partial scholarship in 2012 to attend Berklee´s 5-week Summer Program in Boston. The outcome was a lot of life-long lessons, great connections and friends, and a lot of music-making and drive!