Felix Proctor

Felix Proctor

Senior 3D DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Felix Proctor

Felix Proctor

Senior 3D DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am an experience and environments designer, driven by a passion for the way users interact with a 3D environment. Working on designs from small scales objects to large interior spaces, I enjoy exploring ways of creating emotional connections through design. I work collaboratively with clients and designers and am always keen to take on a challenge in order to achieve the desired vision. I also push my designs, through a keen interest in new technology and materiality, constantly looking for new ways to incorporate these into new designs.
  • Greenalls Canalboat Event
    Greenalls Canalboat EventIn 1761, Thomas Dakin aged 25, created the first ever London Dry Gin setting up the distillery that would become Greenall’s in Warrington. His unique recipe came from a mixture of local ingredients and global spices that where being transported down the Bridgewater canal, which ran alongside his distillery. This project was a self initiated collaboration with graphic designer, Rebecca Matthews, to help engage with a younger audience by celebrating this amazing story of a young entrepreneur. Taki
  • Speaker - Clock
    Speaker - ClockHOW CAN I COUNTER OUR THROWAWAY MENTALITY TOWARDS HOUSEHOLD ELECTRONICS? For this self initiated project, I decided to examine everyday household items both in terms of function and our relationship with them. I wanted to move away from the throwaway mentality we have towards electronics and create something that is simple, adaptable and more environmentally conscious. I chose a speaker and a clock - two objects often merely regarded in terms of their function - transforming them almost into bea
  • Funct Furniture Range
    Funct Furniture RangeHOW CAN I CREATE A COHESIVE COLLECTION OF BEDROOM FURNITURE WITH A FOCUS ON FUNCTIONAL SIMPLICITY? For this project I was interested in creating a range of super functional, minimalist furniture with a focus on the tactility of these objects we interact with on a daily basis. I wanted the pieces to sit comfortably within a space and not dominate, whilst also (in the case of the chest of drawers) provide a large amount of storage. I achieved this through the use of rounded corners, chamfered ed
  • Sushilicious Retail Design
    Sushilicious Retail DesignHOW CAN I REFLECT THE ESSENCE OF JAPAN IN A SHIPPING CONTAINER? Sushilicious is a Japanese restaurant in Box Park, Shoreditch. The challenge we faced with this project was the limited space, with the restaurant being inside a shipping container, making it very long and narrow. Working with a graphic designer, we decided to turn the length of the space into a key feature, focusing on lighting and wall graphics to draw people’s gaze through the space to the kitchen at the end. The client was keen
  • Cloak Retail Interior
    Cloak Retail InteriorHOW CAN I TRANSFORM A FASHION RETAIL SPACE USING LIGHTING? Cloak is a designer fashion store in the heart of Brighton. Despite their exciting products, prime location and large space they identified their problem as being the lack of interior design and poor natural light (due to north facing windows). My concept for the space was to transform the low lighting into an asset, treating the space almost like an exhibit, using strategically placed lights to draw attention to key products, as well a
  • Expanding the Merrell Brand experience
    Expanding the Merrell Brand experienceHOW CAN WE EXPAND THE MERRELL BRAND TO A YOUNGER AUDIENCE? This project was a collaboration with a graphic designer to see how we could expand the audience of Merrell, an established outdoor brand through an interior space. We wanted to see how we could engage with a more youthful urban audience, by extending the idea of ‘the great outdoors’ to include the urban environment. We wanted to champion young, active people within the urban environment and connect them to this shoe that would have th
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Projects credited in
  • Greenall's Gin
    Greenall's GinCelebrating the heritage of the Greenall's brand and their innovation that led to the creationg of the first ever London Dry Gin. Greenall’s wanted a packaging design that celebrated their British heritage, whilst appealing to a younger audience. This design takes it’s inspiration from the innovative beginings of Greenall’s gin. Thomas Dakin, created the first ever London Dry Gin in 1761, setting up the distillery that would become Greenall’s in Warrington. His unique recipe came from a mixture
  • Merrell Pop Up Shop
    Merrell Pop Up ShopMerrell is an outdoor clothes and footwear brand, which for 30 years has been making durable clothes and shoes for the outdoor adventurer. We wanted to see if we could expand the audience of Merrell and speak to a more youthful and urban audience. This project was a collaboration between Felix Proctor and Rebecca Matthews, combining our skills of interior and graphic design to create a pop up shop and accompanying promotional materials. We were keen to get across the durability of the Merrell
Work history
    Designerfelix proctor design
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    During my time as a freelancer I have worked on a number of live interior projects, including Sushilicious, a sushi restaurant in Box Park Shoreditch. This was a particularly exciting project for me as I was able to create a design that worked within the constraints of a shipping container including light and space, to create an inviting and engaging space for the customer. This project also gave me a real insight to designing for a client and working within a budget, developing on the skills I previously gained through the design of Cloak, a retail space in the heart of Brighton. It was also during this time that I was invited to exhibit my furniture designs at Shanghai Design 2015 (having exhibited at Clerkenwell Design the previous year). It was really exciting to not only be able to exhibit my work but also discover the Chinese design market, and get first hand experience doing business in that culture. These shows were also a fantastic opportunity for me to really develop my skills as a furniture designer, especially in terms of learning about the manufacturing of products and curating exhibition spaces. It also gave me a chance to use my photography and design skills through creating promotional materials using the Adobe Creative Suite.
    3D DesignerDandelion & Burdock
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Creating 3D Visuals for a dynamic animated experiential event which would be projection mapped onto a life size stage, for a High Profile Client.
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  • Autocad
  • Solidworks CAD 3D
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Adobe
  • Furniture Design
  • 3ds Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Event Design
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Interior Design
    B.A (hons) Fine ArtUniversity of Brighton
     - Brighton, United Kingdom
    Whilst at university I was able to explore design from a Fine Art perspective, focusing not just on the functionality of an object or space but also the multi-sensory way people experience them. This has become a continued passion of mine, as I still am fascinated by the way that people react and interact with textures, shapes and light.
    Foundation Degree, Fine ArtUniversity of Cumbria
     - Carlisle, United Kingdom
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