Franz Johan Bierschwale

Franz Johan Bierschwale

Sound DesignerMexico City, Mexico
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Franz Johan Bierschwale

Franz Johan Bierschwale

Sound DesignerMexico City, Mexico
About me
Story-driven Sound Designer with specialized knowledge in Audio Engineering and a solid Artistic background. Using a holistic technique, together with balancing ambition and discipline, has led to innovative solutions when tackling a soundscape project and creating a narrative, focused in the listeners experience and immersion.
  • Carla Valverde EP
    Carla Valverde EPCarla Valverde is an independent artist from Mexico City which our team found and offered a full production package (EP production, branding, social media management, event booking, etc.) for the diffusion of her music. This is a video of a live session made for the promotion of the final EP.
  • Never Seen Autumn (Spring) EP
    Never Seen Autumn (Spring) EPThis is a sample for the first stage of production of the band Never Seen Autumn's first EP. This was a production that took two years of work where we enhanced a simple two guitar and vocal ensemble to a full indie rock band. Once this stage of the EP was ready and mixed, it was used to push a Kickstarter campaign to fund the full final production. Credit: Music Recordist, Arrangement and Mixer
  • New Pop Jazz Big Band (EP)
    New Pop Jazz Big Band (EP)This was a Music Production Project where several teams recorded Big Bands that applied to an online posting. The point of this project was to foment the Big Bands and their music that has been lost in Mexico. The whole production was free of charge and delivered to each big band director for them to distribute freely. This track is a sample of the EP produced by my team for the New Pop Jazz Big Band. Credit: Music Recordist & Mixer.
  • Halo Landfall (Sound Design Remake)
    Halo Landfall (Sound Design Remake)Credit: Sound Designer | Re-Recording Mixer This is a class project where we had to recreate all the audio in a short film or trailer. We chose Halo Landfall, a live-action trailer originally made by Bungie to promote their new addition to the franchise. The audio was done from scratch. Everything including ambients, foley's, FX, dialogues, and music were created by us either through recording, design or synthesis. Some exceptions were taken from libraries due to the limitation of the class pr
    Need For Speed Shift 2 (WAVES SOUND DESIGN COMPETITION)Credit: Sound Designer | Mixer Full Sound Design of the Need For Speed Shift 2 Trailer used in the Waves Sound Design Competition (2011) as part of a Test Video Package Assignment for Vancouver Film School.
  • Smite - Cinematic Trailer (Sound Design Remake)
    Smite - Cinematic Trailer (Sound Design Remake)Credit: ADR Recordist, Foley Recordist, Music Composer, Sound Design and SFX, Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer This is a complete Sound Design Remake of a Cinematic Trailer released for Smite: Battlefield of the Gods™ in 2015. All visual material is Intellectual Property belonging to HiRez Studios®. This is a portfolio piece created as a final project for the Sound Design for Visual Media course in Vancouver Film School. Thank you to all the people who made this project possible. I hope
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