Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin

Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin

Brand Nurturer + Strategist | Founder + Former CEO of Bloody Good Period + Bloody Good EmployersUnited Kingdom
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Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin

Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin

Brand Nurturer + Strategist | Founder + Former CEO of Bloody Good Period + Bloody Good EmployersUnited Kingdom
About me
Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin is a brand nurturer and strategist for founder-led organisations. She is the founder and former CEO of the charity, Bloody Good Period, and co-founder and former Director of Bloody Good Employers. Gabby was named as one of the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 Top Changemakers in October 2018 and Stylist’s Woman of the Week. Gabby has a Masters in Applied Imagination from Central St Martins specialising in feminism and comedy.
  • PR, Bootstrapped - A Workshop for Founders and Small Businesses and Charities
    PR, Bootstrapped - A Workshop for Founders and Small Businesses and CharitiesPR, Bootstrapped: A Masterclass with Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin, Founder of Bloody Good Period Join us for an online masterclass with the incredible Gabby Jahanshahi-Edlin, the founder of Bloody Good Period. Get ready to learn all about PR and how to bootstrap your way to success. Gabby will share her insights and expertise on building a brand, creating impactful campaigns, and getting your message out there. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the
  • Branding Strategy for Daring Capital
    Branding Strategy for Daring CapitalTasked with branding a new social investing company, I brought on the amazing designer, Rebecca Duncan to create a bold, challenger brand to all the pale, stale VCs out there. Creating the vision, mission, values, and subsequent messaging with founder, Jem, I think we've created something really cool. I continue to work with DC on brand and comms strategy and founder advisory.
  • The Gendered Object 2015
    The Gendered Object 2015"The Gendered Object" This project was a part of my Masters in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. The title for this project comes from Pat Kirkham's 1996 book of the same name, which explores "the way in which objects in everyday life are made socially acceptable and appropriate for women and men." Let's make no bones about it. The beauty and hygiene industry is set up to make women feel like shit. That's how they make billions and
  • A Woman Walks Into a Bar 2016
    A Woman Walks Into a Bar 2016MA Project
  • Anti - Valentine's Cards
    Anti - Valentine's CardsBecause there is nothing worse than Valentine's cards. Nothing. I designed these during a sort of single, anti-romantic, anti-gender-norming spree and sold them on my card website, F&P is sadly dead now. Sorry.
  • Anti-Food Porn
    Anti-Food Porn"#ANTIFOODPORN If you like pictures of beautifully presented food, you probably won't like me. Here's some shit food I made. And ate. And then put on Instagram as #antifoodporn. That's literally it." -------------- But really, it's a sort of parody of our obsession with projecting a shiny kind of life. I'm interested in how we photograph our food, perhaps as some sort of repentance for consuming calories in our body-obsessed society.
Projects credited in
  • Festive Period - Flow Ho Ho!
    Festive Period - Flow Ho Ho!The Festive Period is back! It's the most wonderful time of the month...
    BLOODY FUNNY!Photography credit to the bloody wonderful team at Bronac McNeill.
  • Bloody Funny: A Comedy Evening in aid of Bloody Good Period
    Bloody Funny: A Comedy Evening in aid of Bloody Good PeriodBloody Funny is the biggest event in Bloody Good Period's fundraising calendar, featuring some of the biggest names on the UK comedy scene uniting to raise money to fight period poverty. Conceived as a riposte to the accusation that women ‘only make jokes about periods’, Bloody Funny is a comedy fundraiser that has been running for four years. The event is the biggest in the charity’s calendar, featuring some of the leading names on the UK comedy scene uniting to raise money to fight period pov
  • About Bloody Time!
    About Bloody Time!The ASOOO team recently had the bloody fun task of designing Instagram assets for About Bloody Time, a live comedy panel show created to raise funds for Bloody Good Period. Up for a bloody good giggle? Tickets are still available! Join us on Saturday 8th June at Kings Place London for an evening that's sure to make you PMS-L.
  • Bloody Good Period
    Bloody Good PeriodWhen asylum seekers reach the UK, they are given just £37.50 per week to live on, with no provision for menstrual supplies, which are classed as ‘luxury’ products. ​ Bloody Good Period is a non-profit organisation set up to provide menstrual products for free to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can’t otherwise afford them.
  • Bloody Good Period: Festive Period
    Bloody Good Period: Festive PeriodIn November 2018 we launched a fundraising campaign for Bloody Good Period hilariously titled 'Festive Period'. First, we sent out stockings to a bunch of influencers, asking them to post pictures of themselves filling the stockings with pads on social media, using the hashtag '#flowhoho’ On, we created a bespoke donations page, with donations split into three tiers. Visitors could donate to fill either a Light, Medium or Heavy stocking full of pads for someone who neede
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Work history
    Brand Nurturer +
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    First Brand + Rebrand + Brand Development + Brand Guardianship + Communications + PR + Partnerships + Community Engagement + above all, Conversation I use playfulness, collaboration and empathy to help founder-led organisations create strategic, sustainable growth.
    Co-Founder + DirectorBloody Good Employers
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    An innovative commercial initiative reshaping workplace dynamics by improving communications, culture and policy with regards to menstruation and menopause. Named NatWest SE100 2022 Top 100 social enterprise in the UK and NatWest “Equality” award winner in 2023. • Based on insights gleaned from work in BGP, I identified a disruptive business opportunity in growing menstrual and menopause market in order to create sustainability for Bloody Good Period and raised initial capital to build • Brought in co-founder and built team of manager, designers and facilitators, partnering with NHS Public Health, Middlesex University and London College of Communications to develop products • Released first of its kind report and iInfluenced countless other companies to adopt practices • Oversaw business development, which sold work to clients including British Red Cross; Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust; and Kingston upon Thames Council • Handed over a growing company to Co-founder and Directors in 2022.
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    Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries (distinction
     - London, United Kingdom
    Design Thinking & Creative Social Innovation
    Evening Standard Progress 1000 Top ChangemakerEvening Standard // ES Magazine
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Vice Chancellor's ScholarshipUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    I was awarded a full MA scholarship from University of the Arts London for Academic Excellence.