George Williams

About me

Currently I am in my final year of studying for a BA in philosophy at the University of Bristol. I look forward from moving on from education to pursue my interest of working in the creative industries. I have always been passionate about film and television and as I grew older my interests expanded to more niche aspects of the media like online lectures, podcasts and internet documentaries. This interest led me to volunteer at a local film club whilst I was at school; I took great pleasure from taking part in the process of screening films for the public. I have also worked as an intern for Bungalow Town Productions; this was a very insightful opportunity as I received fantastic hands on introduction into the work done by production companies. I am also passionate about music and have been collecting records for a number of years. During my second year at university I co-hosted a weekly one hour radio show on University of Bristol radio (Burst) called ‘Plastic Soul’. The show was primarily dedicated to Jazz, Funk, Soul and Electronic Music; however we would often branch out and play music from outside these genres. The discussions on the show generally focused on new music and the Bristol music scene, in particular upcoming events and reviews of events we had attended. Books have always played a big part of my life and I try to read them as much as possible. My love novels and in particular Albert Camus’ The Stranger was a one of the major reasons why I decided to study philosophy. I also love to travel; I took a gap year between finishing school and starting university to travel around China, India and South East Asia for four and a half months. In the summer break between my second and third year of university I travelled to Peru and Bolivia.


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Work history



University of Bristol

Aug 2013
  • Philosophy Student



Bungalow Town Productions

Aug 2015 - Sep 2015
  • • Duties included: Researching potential projects, contacting organisations to request interviews, film, podcast and website editing, developing a plan for a social media promotion campaign, transcribing interviews, preparing materials for submission to film festivals, writing up expenses and quote selection for promotional use. • My internship at Bungalow Town Productions gave me a fantastic insight into working for a film and television production company. My main responsibility was handling a large amount of the promotional duties the company had to fulfil for the documentary Star Men, which was touring film festivals before its national release. This involved directly working with the film’s director and producer Alison Rose. Alongside these responsibilities I was also required to research potential projects that Bungalow Town were considering pursuing. I had to ascertain if these topics would be suitable for a documentary as well as establishing the extent of the access to the films' subjects it would be possible to obtain. The most significant thing I took from my internship was the strengthening of my wish to work in the film and TV industry.


Travel Insurance Claims Handler


May 2014 - Sep 2014
  • • Duties included: Setting up and working through travel insurance claims with customers, inspecting documentation in order to validate claims and answering customer’s queries concerning existing claims. • Whist at Axa I often had to deal with very sensitive situations, such as customers who had lost a loved one or whose claim had been rejected. This led to a huge development in my people skills. It was vital that I approach each situation correctly, as often a failure to do this could cause the customer great distress. Given that I worked at Axa during their busy summer period, I learnt a great deal about multitasking, responding to difficult situations and being able to work comfortably in high-pressure environments.


Front of House Staff

Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Aug 2012 - Apr 2016
  • • Duties included: Organising an art talk, aiding performances, helping with tours of the building (which is owned by the national trust), bar work, advertising, stock checks, selling refreshments, assisting customers, redesigning the bar and administration work. • At the theatre I was given a lot of responsibilities, like organising the selling of confectionery and running an art talk. This improved my time management and organizational skills as well as my ability to work on my own. I also learned the importance of maintaining an ongoing relationship with the regular customers. Furthermore, working at the theatre gave me a great insight into what it is like to work in the arts.




University of Bristol

Aug 2013 - May 2016
  • A BA in philosophy in which I mostly chose to focus on political, ethical and social philosophy.