Grace State

Grace State

Designer & PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Grace State

Grace State

Designer & PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a Designer and Photographer with experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Typography, Art Direction, Branding, Photography, and Graphics. Ravensbourne University London graduate.
  • GlamouRent
    GlamouRentBrief: Capture content for the launch of GlamouRent, the occasion wear rental service, launching in Summer 2021. Solution: After locating the gorgeous Wedding Stylist venue Bramble Lane, myself and GlamouRent founder Charlotte Tabinor, set out to capture several dresses from the launch collection. Using natural lighting and minimal editing, a distinctive set of images were achieved. My role: Photography, direction on set and editing imagery post shoot.
  • VE Day 75
    VE Day 75Personal project: Capturing how people are adjusting to the current climate whilst celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. All taken during my daily walk and keeping a safe distance while following government guidelines.
  • Bowls by Beam
    Bowls by BeamBrief: Bowls By Beam is a social account focused on sharing a variety of dishes from around the world, using traditional serving bowls for each recipe. The ask was to create a brand identity, including a logo & story covers. Solution: Using muted earthy tones, I’ve created a simple but rustic concept. Breaking down the name ‘Bowls By Beam', I’ve used circular shapes to convey the use of different sized serving bowls, and rays of sunlight pairing to the name beam. My role: Freelance graphic de
  • Egencia: Hosted Buyers Party
    Egencia: Hosted Buyers PartyBrief: Capture the Rio Carnival themed bash on behalf of Egencia. Organised by Charlotte Tabinor / Mellor&Smith. Solution: Egencia exhibit at the Business Travel Show every year and have big competitors. Throwing a Hosted Buyers Party is one way to get above them, but bringing a touch of the scenery, energy, sound and vibe of a carnival happening on the streets of Rio de Janerio is the way to get your name heard. My role: Creating invite assets and animations. As well as capturing & editing im
  • Get Sh*t Done
    Get Sh*t DoneGet Shit Done meets: Nishma Robb - Marketing Director if Google UK, Natalie Graeme - Founder of Uncommon London & Vicki Maguire - Chief Creative Officer at Havas. Event hosted by Rebecca Rowntree, Creative Director and podcast host of This Way Up podcast.
  • Ur well fit
    Ur well fitBrief: To create a type specimen book showcasing one of three type families by Colophon Foundry. Solution: I chose to explore the type family Lydia. By using the typeface description, I personified it into a female figure, to form a story of her life. I explored family members, past lovers, and used slang to show off her key characteristics. This was printed on a A3 Riso printer. My role: Self-directed project, designed and printed myself.
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Projects credited in
  • Expedia. Expect More.
    Expedia. Expect More.How do you show you have the scale of big legacy players and the agility of trendy start-ups? Battling for market share on two fronts is exhausting, especially in B2B. So we switched the dilemma on its head, a weakness into a strength. Businesses should Expect More than just the techie razzmatazz of start-ups and the we’ve-always-done-it-this-way clunk of the bigger, older players. And Paul even got an email from one of Expedia’s thoroughly pissed off competitors. Hilarious! Fame: 63k YouTub
  • Canopy. Nuffin'.
    Canopy. Nuffin'.How do you get renters to realise their rent each month does nothing for their credit score? “Rent is dead money”. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. We flipped the perspective, zeroing in on their frustrations, using quirky colloquialisms to show they can get more bang for their buck. Commuters photographing Ads is always a good sign, and London’ers were posting these all over their instagram. Fame: 98% increase in app downloads in the first 6 weeks.
  • Take Fucking Risks: The Pub Crawl Sept '19
    Take Fucking Risks: The Pub Crawl Sept '19Nope, you didn’t dream it, Take Fucking Risks: The Pub Crawl is back.
  • Take Fucking Risks: THE PUB CRAWL May 2019 (WRAP UP)
    Take Fucking Risks: THE PUB CRAWL May 2019 (WRAP UP)On 15th May 2019, 50 of us pub crawled around the delightful Borough Market. We heard from 5 varied, utterly inspiring, and inherently risky speakers. They each gave a gloriously unique perspective on creativity, risk, and why you should just go out there and do it. Educational aspect aside, we also made duct tape outfits (ask Cookie), drank our body weight in posh Gavi, and hosted an unexpected mini rave in our studio that ended at 4:30am. Not bad for a Wednesday.
  • Take Fucking Risks: THE PUB CRAWL May 2019 (PRE EVENT)
    Take Fucking Risks: THE PUB CRAWL May 2019 (PRE EVENT)Take Fucking Risks: The Pub Crawl. 15th May 2019, Borough Market, 6pm - late.
  • Bland Guidelines
    Bland GuidelinesWhy stand out when you were born to fit in? So many brands default to bland, so they’ll never be noticed or remembered. If you like to be bland and stay safe with no distinctive direction or attributable assets, Designer Paul Mellor and I will make sure you never stand apart from the competition, or stand out. And we get by with a little help from our friends. We invited industry experts in Creative, Strategy, Diversity, Trends, Social, SEO and PR to be bland too. As you’d expect, everything’s
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    Graphic Designeritsu grocery
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Digital DesignerASK Italian
    London, United KingdomFull Time
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    Ravensbourne University London logo
    Ravensbourne University London logo
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignRavensbourne University London
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