Håvar Gunnarskog

Håvar Gunnarskog

Art DirectorBergen, Norway
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Håvar Gunnarskog

Håvar Gunnarskog

Art DirectorBergen, Norway
About me
I'm from this place there it rains so much, that we brake the records. But I do love coffee and a good story.
  • 7 A.M.
    7 A.M.Are you tired in the morning? This is a shoot of how the mornings can feel like.
    NEVERIssue 1: Get a easyer mind. The hypothesis is that people beeing manipulated by the media to live with the impression that the world is a dangerous and evil place. This issue wants to prove that the media is wrong. The wold is beautiful!
  • Illustrations
  • San Benedetto
    San BenedettoCiao! Let me introduce you to the San Benedetto Ice Tea Limited Edition. During the class of branding, the San Benedetto challenged us to create the new limited edition of their ice tea. The only criterion for the design is that it should represent Italy. So we based the design on how we as Scandinavians perceive Italy, and we got three elements: - craftsmanship, culture and couture.
  • FaidaTesi
    FaidaTesiIn Italy, thei make their Thesis as beautiful as their scenery. But until now the way of making the cover and design is by visiting the local printer shop. FaidaTesi want to offer their costumers online order, with a quick delivery. This became the base of the project, we wanted to make a useful design which is easy to navigate and change the design.
  • Buddybank
    BuddybankBuddybank seems like a ordinary bank, but it's very different. The card and account "know's" you and your habits, so when you attend to a event on Facebook, Buddybank already gives you a suggestion of what you should buy to be prepeared. Buddybank wants you to think of youre realationship with them as a membership, rather than just a plastic card. This is why you only can talk to them digitally. The communication strategy became clear for us: the card is the physical contakt. Therefor the card is quite heavy and has a matte surface.
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