Hamidah Duffus

Hamidah Duffus

Writer / DirectorBristol, United Kingdom
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Hamidah Duffus

Hamidah Duffus

Writer / DirectorBristol, United Kingdom
About me
I'm an emerging writer/director with a deep interest in experimental filmmaking. I would love the opportunity to direct music videos alongside narrative films. I've always got ideas for projects; my brain is probably conjuring ideas as you read this :) I'm currently in my final year of uni but I'm always looking for opportunities. Let's connect and create! https://hamidahduffus.editorx.io/website
  • Sega Bodega - Only Seeing God When I Come (MV)
    Sega Bodega - Only Seeing God When I Come (MV)Glad to have had the opportunity to be a runner on this shoot! (thumbnail pic by @constantine_spence) Credits: Directors // Constantine // Spence | @constantine_spence Commissioner // Rukaiyah Qazi | @rrukaiyah Artist Management // Supernature Artists | @suprnature Director’s Rep // OB Management | @obmanagement Production Company // OB Management | @obmanagement EP // Sam Holmes | @kvlto Producers // Polly Millner @pollymillner + Theo Hue Williams @theohuewilliams DOP // Michael Kinsel
  • PHANTOM (2021)
    PHANTOM (2021)Phantom is an experimental psychological horror that I wrote and directed for my graduate film project at uni.
  • gre, ldn, uk
    gre, ldn, ukI deleted my Instagram around June which meant that I lost a place to post photos. So I'm going to share my favourite photographs here.
  • Untitled_1
    Untitled_1I wanted to create something and improve my editing skills so I made this using clips collected from pexels.com.
  • Rare Film Festival 2020
    Rare Film Festival 2020The Animated Documentary Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease was a collaboration project with peers from my university and CMT UK for the 2019 Rare Film Festival. It was shortlisted to be screen at the festival in the category for 'Best Aspiring Filmmaker - Charity Collaboration'. Credit: Writer / director: Hamidah Duffus Sound Design & Voiceover: Ellie Clifford Animation: Ryan Callaghan
  • Ok?
    Ok?I had an idea today and needed to make it. So I made it. I used photoshop and premiere. I don't own the sound - linked below: soundcloud.com/wavegxd/sunny-day soundcloud.com/northfield-lenox/remnantenna
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Projects credited in
  • Hamidah Duffus
    Hamidah Duffus"You just had to go and jump into that lake, didn't you?" "Nobody asked you to jumped in after me." Jake grumbled as Kya helped pick the leeches off of his skin. “You're right, I could've just sat back and laughed as you screamed at the top of your lungs like a girl." Kya starts laughing and Jake turns around to glare her. "Not funny." "Come on, Jake. Was only kidd…” "Shut up." "Hey, don't be…” "Just shut up, Kya!" Jake whispers harshly. "Do you hear that?" The two are silent. Kya: "Y
  • Hamidah Duffus
    Hamidah DuffusAlice sat across from Rony, fiddling with her hands. She felt out of place here. Rony had her eyes closed as she inhaled the contents of the cigarette. Alice didn't realise she was staring until Rony abruptly opened her eyes making eye contact with her. "Wanna try?" Rony extended her arm towards Alice. "Uh, no thanks. I don't smoke." Alice stuttered a reply having been caught off guard. Rony continued to stare at Alice making her uncomfortable. She broke contact feeling insecure under Rony's
  • Hamidah Duffus
    Hamidah Duffus"Mum, are we really gonna stay here?" Lizzie, in a worn pink sweater, sat in the car along with the rest of her family, staring at their new home. "Stop complaining, we've got no choice." Mum's tone was bitter and slightly annoyed. "But mum…" "Shut up Liz! Do you think I want to be in this crappy situation with you damn kids! You don't get to pick and choose! None of us do!" The car was eerie silent for a few seconds. "I'm sorry. Shouldn't have shouted." In a small voice, Lizzie replied, "i
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Work history
    Creative Mentor Network logo
    Creative Mentor Network logo
    MenteeCreative Mentor Network
    United KingdomInternship
    Mentorship scheme run by Creative Mentor Network
    Rare Film FestivalRare Film Festival
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    I collaborated with two of my peers to create a documentary animation about the rare disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, which I wrote and directed. o It was shortlisted for the ‘Best Aspiring Filmmaker – Charity Collaboration’ category. o Tasks were completed remotely so I took on the role of producer to make sure deadlines were met and tasks were completed.
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  • Screenwriting
  • Film Directing
  • Experimental Film
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Creative Concepts
  • Adobe Editing
  • Avant Garde
  • Mood Boards
  • Creative Direction
  • Leadership
    Film & TV Production BA HonsUniversity of Greenwich
     - London, United Kingdom
    Graduated with a 2:1