Harrison Pearce

Artist & Sculptor

United Kingdom
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  • Artist & Sculptor
  • Artist & Sculptor
  • Artist & Sculptor

About me

My practice is constructed around philosophical ideas about the mind, language and human experience in the context of new technologies and post digital cultures. I bring together disparate areas of research and a variety of practical disciplines to realise the work, which has most recently taken the form of large-scale kinetic sculptural installations. These installations are situations in which visitors are invited to immerse themselves. The sculptures behave as though they are communicating through a private language, which is in part discernible where defunct industrial apparatus take on bodily functions. I borrow, reductively, from the rubric of science fiction, medicine and automotive factories to stage visceral and disruptive environments and structures that allude to the unnerving complexity of being embodied and increasingly technologically augmented. The atmosphere of uncertainty is taken as a virtue and underpins my thinking – like the unruly way in which your mind is populated when sitting in a hospital waiting room; in such an ad hoc way, a single installation can involve carving, mould-making, engineering, coding, wiring, plumbing, sewing, welding, woodwork, assemblage, lighting and sound.

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