Harry Lydon

Harry Lydon

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Harry Lydon

Harry Lydon

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm an illustrator and graphic designer with a background of fine art. I predominately create figurative work with the occasional landscape or street scene. My medium is a mix between the traditional methods of pen and ink alongside digital colouring (completed on procreate). I’m a creative and enthusiastic person with a passion for making new work with new ideas. One of my biggest loves is researching older illustrators, designers and artists to get inspiration and see how they pioneered with new styles and hope one day I can be a name amongst the greats.
  • Book cover 'sitting in paintings by Ramis Ibrahim'
    Book cover 'sitting in paintings by Ramis Ibrahim'
  • 'Provocative art'
    'Provocative art'Creating graphic pieces of art that will stun the viewer and battle taboos. The pieces included are all made with a combination of original images and stock photos from the internet, and edited on procreate. I especially like the wording used, as it shows the power of language on an audience when they see it alongside explicit imagery. It divides people into those who accept it and love it and those who hate it and are uncomfortable. I find that fascinating from a psychological point of view.
    DREAMING OF NIRVANAThis was a design I created for my own brand D.O.N (Dreaming Of Nirvana) for multiple purposes as I have plans for using it as a cover to a short story, a T-shirt design and the cover of a zine. I completed the illustration in pen and ink on paper then scanned it in to procreate to colour and edit.
  • Scan for an adventure.
    Scan for an adventure.
    'BROKE MAGAZINE'This was a passion project for myself creating mock ups of magazine covers that I could use for my own use as I wanted to create a collaborative piece with other creatives in the form of a magazine. I took inspiration from the New Yorker magazine as they have a new artwork as their front cover every issue. I love the simplistic idea of the artwork drawing in the reader without the use of headlines and news stories. All artwork done by myself.
  • 'Lovetime Guarantee' Portugese illustration.
    'Lovetime Guarantee' Portugese illustration.For this project i was given the brief to create an illustration for the record labels newest radio set on 'voices radio' to fit their Portuguese theme. I decided to research the culture of Portugal and landed on the concept of the Carnaval and found an excellent reference photograph of these dancers in traditions outfits and thought the colours were perfect. I proceeded to add the 'Lovetime Guarantee' logo as a repeated pattern in the background to give it an identity for the record label.
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Projects credited in
  • Book cover 'sitting in paintings by Ramis Ibrahim'
    Book cover 'sitting in paintings by Ramis Ibrahim'
  • 'Lovetime Guarantee' Illustration
    'Lovetime Guarantee' Illustration
Work history
    IllustratorLovetime Guarantee
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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    Foundation Diploma in Art and DesignThe Seevic College
     - Benfleet, United Kingdom
    A LevelsSt Thomas More Sixth Form
     - Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom