Holly-Marie Cato

Holly-Marie Cato

Photographer + DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Holly-Marie Cato

Holly-Marie Cato

Photographer + DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
An Adobe Lightroom and Leica Ambassador based in London. Using photo and motion to tell stories of compassionate, resilient and inspiring people. With extensive experience working with global brands to create impactful narratives from Mumbai to North America. My background is in streetphotography, capturing everyday life in analogue and digital mediums. That same practise of seeking out moments, finding whats noteworthy and being in unpredictable environments translates seemlessly into my commercial work. I’m well verse and enjoy working on large sets, or remote locations to capture the story. My work is authentic and never fails to place dignity on the subject. When I’m not traveling, you can find me on the streets of London documenting the city. Clients include : The Photographer’s Gallery, The US Embassy, North Face, Nike, New Balance, Patagonia, Canon, Leica, Panasonic Lumix, Apple, Adobe Lightroom, The Obama Foundation, The NYTimes. The Cut and International Fund for Animal Wealthfare amongst others.
  • Puma x Lewis Hamilton -  Only See Great
    Puma x Lewis Hamilton - Only See GreatAt the height of race season, Puma sat Lewis Hamilton down for a short film on what motivates and continues to inspire arguably the greatest motorsports athlete of our decade. As well as present him with 1of 1 clothing collection named Only See Great. I photographed Lewis and directed the short film. Photography + Direction by me DOP + motion editor Koko Stoimenov Lighting by Dylan Angol Retouching by Rubee Samuel Production Falca (Barcelona) Location Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formal One Headquart
  • Channel 4 - Super. Human.  Paralympic commercial
    Channel 4 - Super. Human. Paralympic commercialCaptured on the set of Channel 4's Paralympic commercial titled Super. Human. I photographed 4x British Paralympic gold medalist Ellie Simmonds and 8x gold medal cyclist Jody Cundy over two days of filming. Director Bradford Young Cinematographer Rina Yang Head of Lighting Elliot Beach Production by Somesuch and Serial Pictures For Channel 4 - Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games
  • Nike - Come Thru  (FILM)
    Nike - Come Thru (FILM)“Come Thru” is a Nike original YouTube series created by women, celebrating Black Women in the world of sports, social activism, business and music. I directed three episodes and closed out season 1 of this never been filmed before show in the middle of the global pandemic. Three guests and our host Nia Simone were filmed in different locations across America and despite that distance, we did the impossible and captured real connection, vulnerability and authentic conversation. Unearthing nuanc
  • Nike - Maximum Miles
    Nike - Maximum MilesI worked with Nike Global to capture coach Dora Atim, Nike’s running coach here in London, to show runners of all abilities how to get the most out of their running gear and extend their shoe’s life span. As the best way to be sustainable is to buy less and take care of what we already own, we also interviewed Ultra Black, a community of Black women and nonbinary trail runners founded by Coach D. Exploring why the act of trail running and having their own community space is important to them, th
  • Lumix UK - COLOUR TALKS Film
    Lumix UK - COLOUR TALKS FilmI partnered with Lumix to make this short film Colour Talks, exploring the power and vibrancy of colour and what it means to four of my creative friends including Hussain Manawer, an award-winning poet and mental health advocate and K Bailey Obaze founder of PRIM a Black Queer bookshop and digital platform. Captured using the Panasonic Lumix S5 a small mirrorless camera, showing just how capable and mighty this SLR is. Directed + Edited by me DOP Jordan Stephans Lighting by Darren "Humothy"
  • The North Face - International Women's Day Film
    The North Face - International Women's Day FilmI directed and co-edited this docu-film for The North Face shot between the desert town of Al'Hasa Jordan and the UK. This film features groundbreaking female athletes including stunt actor Marie Mouroum, mountaineer Mathilde Becerra, author and ultra-marathon runner Candice Brathwaite and the brilliantly inspiring and entrepreneurial women at Jeresh garment factory. Truly an honor to hold their stories. Director + Stills Photography by me Cinematography Lorena Páges Edit by Matt Felstead / No
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Projects credited in
  • Around The World In Eight Plays (Adobe Lightroom)  2019
    Around The World In Eight Plays (Adobe Lightroom) 2019Around the world in eight plays is a project for Adobe Lightroom, following eight photographers. The project follows eight photographers from around the world and asks what play means to them and what it looks like in their city. Adobe Lightroom set photographer Holly-Marie Cato the challenge of showing what play means to her as a creative. The project featured on the Lightroom Instagram page. My role on the project was to work as Art Director.
  • From B to A
    From B to AWhether they’re working from remote offices across the globe or revolutionizing age-old industries, today’s workforce isn’t following the typical A to B career path - they’re writing their own itineraries, traveling from B to A. Follow along as we tap into our first group of flyers - women breaking ground in fields ranging from film and media to tech. Today’s women in business are rewriting the classic A to B career itinerary - opting instead for a route #FromBtoA. Watch how British Airways he
Work history
    Photographer + DirectorSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • 3+ Years Experience with Social Media
  • Coherent and Confident at Presenting/public Speaking
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Documentary Photography
  • Extensive Travel Experience
  • Freelance Videographer
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