Ida Thomasdotter

Ida Thomasdotter

Writer, Filmmaker, Actor, ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Ida Thomasdotter

Ida Thomasdotter

Writer, Filmmaker, Actor, ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a Swedish writer, filmmaker, video editor, actor and interdisciplinary artist currently based in south London. I have written and directed one student film and five independent short films and am now in pre-production of my first feature film, alongside freelance work as writer/director (pilot episode of new interactive web series in post production), actor and editor whilst also chipping away on novel and a children's book, because who needs sleep right?
  • Picture Book Illustration
    Picture Book IllustrationThis is my picture book entry (Cover art + one double spread) to the 2020 Templar Illustration and Design Awards, for the book manuscript "Megamess" by Eoin McLaughlin.
    F*CK KEROUACFeature Film Screenplay
  • Photography Portfolio
    Photography PortfolioSelected photographs from my portfolio (2006-2019) More on my website:
  • Filmmaker's Reel 2020
    Filmmaker's Reel 2020My updated filmmaker's reel, featuring footage from five narrative fiction short films, one experimental poetry video and three art films, all written, directed and edited by me (2012-2020)
  • Children's Book Project
    Children's Book ProjectI am working on a picture book project with traditional watercolour illustrations. It's a partially co-creative adventure story for a neurodiverse target readership of all ages (although it will probably appeal most to 3-10-year-olds) and deals with themes of loneliness, creativity, imagination and connection.
  • STILL LIFE // Feature Film Project
    STILL LIFE // Feature Film ProjectFeature Film in Pre-Production
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Projects credited in
  • Ida Thomasdotter
    Ida ThomasdotterIt was mum’s idea. She always had the best ideas, although neither of my grandmas seemed to think so. Dad didn’t either. He always used to yell and scream at her when we came back, but not anymore; now he just sits there. I asked mum if we could take him with us this time. She said: “There are two types of people in the world. Those who run around flapping their wings like headless chicken and those that fly. Your dad can’t fly like us.” I said: "Maybe I can teach him?" She just smiled and
  • Ida Thomasdotter
    Ida ThomasdotterIt was strange being home without Sophia there. Clara felt out of place now, like she didn’t know how to take up this space all by herself. Maybe it was the funeral arrangements were getting to her, or the way gran kept hovering over her shoulder like a bad omen, waiting for her to fall apart. But by the third morning, Clara was starting to feel detached from herself, as though she wasn’t completely in her own body; looking for reassurance, she searched for herself in every reflective surface i
  • Editorials #5, on the subject of love.
    Editorials #5, on the subject of love.Ida Thomasdotter
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Work history
    Creative DirectorCypherpunk Studio
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    FilmmakerIda Thomasdotter/ITH film &
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    FILMOGRAPHY Narrative fiction short films: "Blodsmak" (25 mins) produced in 2016, completed in 2019. "Lillstrumpa & Systerdyster" (5 mins) 2015. "En sekund i taget" (10 mins) 2015. "Bury me in the backyard" (25 mins) produced by Anna Österlund Nolskog/Två Ljus Film & Produktion, 2014. "Varma Mackor" (12 mins) produced by Alexandra Malmqvist, 2012. Experimental poetry/art films: "But is it art?" (art installation, 0:55) 2020. "Fine (Remix)" (poetry video, 6:00) 2019. "Little girl" (poetry video, 1:54) 2019. "Rummet" (art installation, 5:00) 2015. "Kaffe & Risgryn" (art film, 4:30) 2015.
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  • Acting
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  • Creative Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Editing
  • Casting
  • Script Supervision
  • Continuity
  • Acting/modelling
  • Accents
    Advanced DiplomaBroby Grafiska
     - Sunne, Sweden
    Scriptwriting (Advanced Vocational Education and Training)
    DiplomaStockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts
     - Stockholm, Sweden
    Film Foundation
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