Ivan Kidon Popov

Ivan Kidon Popov

Graphic DesignerBulgaria
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Ivan Kidon Popov

Ivan Kidon Popov

Graphic DesignerBulgaria
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• Meet Iconic Collective: Iconic is a new generation multidisciplinary creative agency focused on digital storytelling. We are driven by passion for innovative and advanced ideas. Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse talents ranging from brand & package design to graphic and print designers. Based in the heart of the cultural capital of Europe - Plovdiv* , we work with clients throughout Bulgaria, as well as national and international brands and corporations. • Mission: Since 2010, we've used the power of design to help brands from different countries around the world develop their identity, create engaging packaging and gain market prominence. Our mission is to bringing brands to life and creating unique experiences, memorable logo identities, unique packages for any kind of industries and bold designs for any type of ideas. • Vision and Believes: We are a bold minds and makers with business sense and creative chops. We truly believe in the trans-formative power of design and its ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. We are devoted to sustainable design that has positive environmental and social impacts. That's why our greater projects are created through strategic design, to develop a strong idea, and creating harmony between all the elements and characteristics important for our habitat and way of live. • Attention:  What’s the purpose of marketing if it blends in with everything else? By providing you with outstanding quality, we make sure that your projects stand out in the market place and give you the desired attention. Do you want your clients to remember you and your project/product among dozens of competitors? Let us help. • Design Services: An image is worth a thousand words. We make sure those words match exactly what you and your team has envisioned.We know that every client has different priorities and goals. We deliver exceptional visual materials while striving to fulfill your objectives. • Professionalism: With many years of experience working for large and small companies worldwide, we know the importance of being professional in every aspect during the working process. We take pride in our professional approach, especially regarding communication, deadline, and the latest technologies.
  • Doggy for walk
    Doggy for walkBest friends for walk (Outbreak situation)
  • LOGOFOLIO 2019 / 2020
    LOGOFOLIO 2019 / 2020
    BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE by B-EYE• Improved Customer Satisfaction • Data-driven decision making • Competitive Advantage • Increased Revenue • Valuable Insights • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Exotic Snacks  - Craziest Packaging for a Craziest Tastes -
    Exotic Snacks - Craziest Packaging for a Craziest Tastes -Printing on metallic paper and cardboard completely transforms the products creating an ultra premium appearance and attracting customers with their vivid colors. Metallisation is also a suitable alternative to foiling in cases where large areas of the packaging require foiling or a short production run of a large packaging range is required with foiling – both normally requiring substantial upfront investments for hot stamping plates.
  • Delicious Chocolates
    Delicious ChocolatesA package designs for Gourmet handcrafted chocolates. Stripes for a tastes without under the line notes! Colors for the ideas like a dreams! Gold for the gourmet that make a point!
  • banger* tribe Brand Gudeiline
    banger* tribe Brand Gudeilinebanger* is a brand collecting arts, skating, fashion and urban live in a tribe where every individual have his own place.
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Work history
    Iconic Digital Creation logo
    Iconic Digital Creation logo
    Art DirectorIconic Digital Creation
    Sofia, BulgariaFreelance
    Iconic is a new generation multidisciplinary creative agency focused on digital storytelling.
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Aftereffects Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Design
    FilmmakingUniversität für angewandte Kunst
     - Münster, Germany
    Adverstising and PRNew Bulgarian University
     - Sofia, Bulgaria
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