Jack Green

Jack Green

Music ComposerUnited Kingdom
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Jack Green

Jack Green

Music ComposerUnited Kingdom
About me
Since the beginning of 2015, Jack Green has been scoring for a variety of projects for screen, working with students during his years at the University of Arts London and working externally on a freelance basis. Green has several years of experience using relevant softwares such as Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro X, using top-of-the-line sample library software to produce quality music. In addition, Green has a strong background in Sound Design for film, animation, advertising etc; boom operating, sound recording, sound editing and foley recording. After achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Arts & Design with Honours at the University of Arts London alongside a Master‘s in Film, Green has built up an extensive portfolio size of film, animation, ad composition / sound work. He is currently scoring a feature film in Germany, working as a freelancer for Viral Music and Maverick Media and is making music for established production libraries.
  • Sonder
    Sonder'Sonder' is an electric short film packed with dance and tailor-made music to tell the story of five different people in one single day.
  • Raven
    RavenAn unanimated girl coming alive with the feather magic and meets the shadow boy formed by raven feathers. The conflicting part of the story depicts the shadow boy sacrifices himself to prevent the girl from being attacked by the dark force, which awakens the inner power of the girl to fight against the force. Fighting with an ambition and efforts in order to save the boy, the girl sacrifices herself and disappears along with the dark force, transforming into a raven in the end. The shadow boy co
  • J for Jihad
    J for JihadIt's Christmas in London and 30 year old Middle Eastern immigrant, Jihad, must confront his mental illness to reclaim his life, his boyfriend and his job, before he is deported to his war stricken home.
  • Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain
    Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The CurtainIt's 1938, Lewis arrives on the set of Victor Fleming's "The Wizard of Oz". He falls in love with Hollywood, treating it as his own personal Oz. Cracks start to appear upon meeting a gang of criminal little people, they show Lewis the dark side of the industry and pull back the curtain on Hollywood. The gang wants studio contracts as so to stay in Hollywood, and not go back to sideshows or repressed hometowns. They plan on doing this by taking naked photographs of Judy Garland, the film's star,
  • She Dreams
    She DreamsMIA has hopes of becoming an actress but starts having a series of paranoia nightmares that her landlady is letting men into her room at night, believing that the lure of acting in London was just a ruse, and men are physically taking out her organs.
  • Lost In Spring
    Lost In SpringA young girl, crippled by shyness struggles to find her voice during her time at school, but with a little help from her friends they inspire a growing confidence in her.
Work history
    Music ComposerViral Music
    United KingdomFreelance
    I write music for Viral Music with given briefs for Film, Trailer, Video Game, Television, Commercial etc.
    Music ComposerAudiosparx
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I compose music for the Production Library 'Audiosparx'.
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  • Music Composition
  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Recording
  • Logic Pro
  • Protools HD
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Efects
  • Photoshop
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