Jael Umerah-Makelemi

Jael Umerah-Makelemi

Art Director, IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Jael Umerah-Makelemi

Jael Umerah-Makelemi

Art Director, IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m an art director who loves to bring ideas to life. I like to create work that is vibrant, and has a big personality- a bit like myself. What inspires me, are brands that can engage a new audience through the power of design. It shows me that the possibilities are endless- I may not be able to save the world as a designer, but I have the ability to engage with people on a large scale.
  • Nubiart Colouring Prints
    Nubiart Colouring PrintsI have designed a series of free colouring prints inspired by African prints and textiles. They're now available to download from my website using the link below: https://www.nubiart.co.uk/colouring-prints Keep calm and craft on :)
  • Quarantine + Self Care
    Quarantine + Self CareI decided to create a series of illustrations that illustrate women who are exploring ways in which they can practice self care and improve their overall wellbeing during a particularly stressful time
  • IWD Art Exhibition
    IWD Art ExhibitionFor International women's day, I showcased my illustrations at Iris London as part of an exhibition for emerging female artists. This series aims to shed light on the lack of representation of black women at the forefront of the fashion and creative industries. The striking colours and prints are representative of the trailblazing women that are already making bold steps to pave the way for change.
  • BBC Noughts + Crosses Commission
    BBC Noughts + Crosses CommissionI was so excited to be apart of the social campaign for Noughts + Crosses. It’s a book that I grew up reading- one that made me feel empowered. I had to incorporate the themes, look and vibrancy of the show, resulting in a series of illustrations that are also true to my style and who I am.
  • Sweet Mother
    Sweet MotherHappy Mother's Day! ⠀⠀ I initially wanted to post a quote, but decided to recreate what my interpretation of a mother looks like to me. I grew up in south London and one of the many traditions that was passed down through generations was carrying your baby on your back. Across Africa, women are seen carrying their babies on their backs or hips, swaddled in traditional fabric. When the mother sways, the baby sways too. When the mother bends, the baby bends too. There’s a synchronised harmony betw
  • Paradise Interupted
    Paradise InteruptedExperimenting with Procreate and the warp tool in Photoshop
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Projects credited in
  • Talks With Tash
    Talks With TashA podcast where we have great conversations to empower others to hold space for themselves. A conversational podcast for creatives that are here to take up space themselves and empower the next generation. In each episode, I share real life success stories as a great escape from the everyday stresses of life.
  • Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
    Coronaverses Collective Issue 1
  • Freelancer Interview: Nubiart By Jael Umerah-Makelem
    Freelancer Interview: Nubiart By Jael Umerah-MakelemThis is an interview with Freelance Illustrator, Jael Umerah-Makelemi, founder of Nubiart. She shares insights into her journey as a freelancer: https://remireports.com/freelancer-interview-nubiart-by-jael-umerah-makelem/
  • PWC - AI Chatbot
    PWC - AI ChatbotUsing the power of design, and the influence of emerging technologies, we set out to augment the experience for clients that visit PwC. From London Bridge to the office, we wanted to enhance every aspect of their journey. We created 'Gemma'- an AI concierge that assists visitors from home, to the PwC office. She not only offers directions, but provides the office with a tracked ETA to know exactly when the visitor will arrive. I was responsible for designing the UX architecture and well the use
  • Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!
    Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!We're thrilled to present the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018! D&AD New Blood Shift is an intensive night school programme that places an emphasis on raw, untrained talent. Shift compels its students to make the best creative work of their life and challenges the industry to search further for creative talent. This year, 19 Shifters – all with creative talent but no formal arts education or degree – have been through the intensive five-month night school and learning programme. They've learn
  • Beats by Dre - Rule the Commute
    Beats by Dre - Rule the CommuteOur insight was that people feel powerless on their commutes, as you can’t control the traffic, the delays, the weather, overcrowding, but you can control what you hear and how. We sought to communicate how Beats empower you and is what it takes to rule the commute. We made it so that Beats is the indisputable jewel of our campaign, the one thing you can’t commute without. Beats empowers you to take back control to rule your space. We captured this by using real people escaping through their mu
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    London, United KingdomFreelance
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    DesignerRufus Leonard
    London, United KingdomInternship
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    London, United Kingdom
    Foundation diploma in fashion Promotion and CommunicationUCA Epsom
     - London, United Kingdom
    Merit- Fashion Promotion and Communication
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    Catenian Public speaking awardSacred Heart Catholic school
    Young consumers challengeSacred Heart Catholic school
    A consumer quiz organised by the Charted Trading Standars Institute, and it’s Consumer Education Liason Group.