Jake Charles Rees

Jake Charles Rees

CuratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Jake Charles Rees

Jake Charles Rees

CuratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a curator, producer and writer working in media and the arts. My work is focused on investigating the cultures of technology, politics and society and imagining how these can be shaped for the better. I have curated exhibitions for the 2017 Vienna Biennale and The Centre for Investigative Journalism's 2018 Logan Symposium as well as a variety of live events, performances and independent shows. I have many years experience as a researcher and have written internal and external copy for think tanks, charities, corporate clients and academic publications. I have also developed scripts for video and radio, and written presentations that have been delivered at familiar cultural institutions and conferences.
  • DEFRAG Open Source Intelligence
    DEFRAG Open Source IntelligenceDEFRAG returns for another series investigating the myriad ways that technology continues to change culture and society. For the first event we’re bringing together open source investigators from organisations such as Airwars and Amnesty International to explore how social media, satellite image analysis and machine learning are being used to track violence in conflicts. The civilian dead from the US-led intervention in Iraq and Syria have been called the “uncounted”. What does it mean to cou
  • What Really Happened in Douma?
    What Really Happened in Douma?On April 7, 2018, the Syrian government launched an attack on the town of Douma, the final rebel military holdout in the suburbs of Damascus. Rebel activists and civil defense workers in the area said that chemical weapons had been used. The Russian government and media insisted that the chemical attack had been staged and that they could prove it. Six days later, the American government and allies launched air strikes in response, so whatever happened in Douma became a matter of geopolitical
  • The Mother of All Demos
    The Mother of All DemosA day of talks, performances and workshops marking the 50th anniversary of internet pioneer Douglas Engelbart’s original 1968 presentation of the key elements that would shape modern computing. On 09 December 1968 computer visionary and internet pioneer Douglas Engelbart, along with 17 researchers from the Augmentation Research Centre (ARC) at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) gave a public demonstration of computer called the oN-Line System (NLS). The group went on to demonstrate many of
    CONSPIRACYIn 2018 I led the development and delivery of The Centre for Investigative Journalism’s 2018 Logan Symposium "Conspiracy". Since 2014 the event has been one of the world’s foremost gatherings of investigative journalists, whistleblowers, hackers and documentary film-makers. A unique and unholy alliance between veteran muckrakers, cypherpunks and activists that comes together every two years to challenge power, fight for democracy, and build an alliance against state sponsored secrecy, surveillan
    DEFRAGAn event series developed for Somerset House Studios exploring the role technology plays in the development, production and consumption of art and culture. Memes, video games, social media, post-production techniques and generative algorithms: New technologies and internet culture offer artists infinite possibilities and few technical limits. As consumers and remote critics, we click, scroll and like our way through these digital spaces. We are comforted and besieged by hyperactive content stre
  • The Mitigation of Shock
    The Mitigation of ShockMitigation of Shock was produced by Superflux for the critically acclaimed "After the End of the World" exhibition at The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). Mitigation of Shock explores a future, around 2050, where the Western world has moved from abundance to scarcity following severe climate change. We built a flat from future London to illustrate the daily struggles of a family as they wrestle with reality and a home made fogponics setup built to grow their own food.
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Projects credited in
  • Accessing the archive
    Accessing the archiveDesigned and developed a concept for an exhibition at the Museum Window Gallery based on archive material from Southbank Centre. The project is intended to explore and investigate issues relating to the process and politics of archiving, and the interpretation and presentation of archive material. Curatorial team: Adriana Arreola Barroso, Elliott Burns, Jake Charles Rees, Yonca Keremog?lu, Ema E. Marinova, Paloma Richi, Louise Toft, Yiyang Wu, Han Xia and Yusi Xiong.
  • CoR Exchange
    CoR Exchange24th - 27th March at The Well Gallery, London College of Communication, London The CoR Exchange was an exhibition / events programme designed as the mid-way point for a two year research project led by Prof. Ezio Manzini, the Chair of Design at UAL. The exhibition faciliated a series of events who's reminance slowly built up into a chronological display. Taking place over four days the show saw a total of eighteen events take place.
  • What Do You Meme?
    What Do You Meme?17th - 18th August 2016 at Holdron's Arcade and Copeland Gallery, London An exhibition celebrating meme culture, featuring work by artists, fashion designers and submissions by the general public. Responsible for exhibition production I oversaw all technical aspects of the show, as well as organising a Kickstarter campaign and writing press materials.
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Work history
    CuratorSomerset House Studios
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Responsible for the DEFRAG series, Future(s) of Power for Superflux and "The Mother of All Demos".
    Logan CuratorCentre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ)
    London, United KingdomFull Time
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  • Curation
  • Exhibition Design
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Sub-editing
  • Concept Development
  • Event Hosting
  • Research
  • Proposal Writing
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