Jake Morris

Jake Morris

Camera Department/EditorUnited Kingdom
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Jake Morris

Jake Morris

Camera Department/EditorUnited Kingdom
About me
I'm a London-based director, camera operator and editor with over five years experience working for brands including Gucci, Tinder, Williams F1, Barbour and Manchester City FC as well as on short films, music videos and documentaries.
Projects credited in
  • Stay Behind
    Stay BehindSet during the Years of Lead in Italy, Stay Behind unveils the other side of terrorism, instability and misleading of investigations on behalf a secret military organisation: Operation Gladio. Antonella is one of the few women within the operation and allegedly a hidden mastermind. Based on a true story. Stay Behind - Lo stato parallelo dietro l’agenda rossa Written & Directed by: Federica Schiavello Starring: Heléna Antonio With the participation of: Andrei Maniata Creative Director: Giacom
    KINDREDKINDRED is a beautiful and heart-warming realist drama of Esther, a UK woman of Nigerian heritage estranged from her family because of her relationship with an English man. Esther is forced to mend this painful 8-year rift. ^ Director & Producer: Janet Marrett ^ Screenwriters: Naomi Grant & Janet Marrett ^ Principal cast: Emilyne Mondo ^ Director of Photography: Lee Burnett ^ Editor: Emily Jo West ^ Composer: Bankey Ojo ^ Sound Design: Rich Evans ^ Colourist: Karl Barnes-Dallas ^ Cast: Andrea H
    ROKIT WILLIAMS FORMULA 1 - FW43 CAR LAUNCHThe main challenge for this job was to match two steadycam shots in one single sequence. We decided we were going to shoot Large Format, specifically ARRI RAW, Open Gate 25FPS on Alexa Mini LF. This decision came from the necessity to get the best out of the large format sensor both for orizontal and vertical framing, as some of the deliverables asked from the client were 4:5 and 9:16 format.
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