Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Fine Artist and Freelance PhotographerChatham, United Kingdom
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Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Jakub Pasierkiewicz

Fine Artist and Freelance PhotographerChatham, United Kingdom
About me
I was born in 1980 in Poland and I graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005. I use my camera to transfer and materialise the emotions, which develop in my mind, the excitement caused by encountered reality. Sometimes the photos can abstract from reality, showing different aspects of colours and forms, whereas other times they can simply reflect certain situations taking place in front of my camera. Generally, my projects present an interpretation of the surrounding world and my personal experience. The main subjects of my photographs are opposites and harmony. We can witness those processes and factors everywhere: in nature or human behaviour. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to value silence etc. This unity of opposites supports each other creating indissoluble connections. That's why looking on different aspects of compositions, subjects, colours, tones, textures we are able to name those contrasts and find 'the bridges' between those elements’. Since I moved to England in 2006, I have exhibited my works mainly in Europe, India, the US and Canada, which include: The ING Discerning Eye (UK), PABA International Photo Competition (Pakistan), NOA (UK), Hiii Photography (China), The Indian Photography Festival IPF (India), Berlin Foto Biennale (Germany), MIFA Photography Awards (Russia).
  • When you step into the land of colours
    When you step into the land of coloursThe photograph presents an impressionistic landscape of the Devon coast, which I captured in summer.  The variation of colours appeared in front of my camera after the rainy weather and the full sunlight uncovered the beauty of the coastal flora.
  • The inverted world
    The inverted worldThe photographs present abstract coastal landscapes, which I captured in different regions of the world.  The variation of the flora's shapes, which appeared in front of my camera, became an inspiration to explore human relationships and identity. By creating these diptychs, which are the combination of positive and negative of the same capture, I wanted to emphasise potential opposite elements of the same subject. For me, it also symbolises the duality of human character with its complex nature
  • Encoded Suprematism
    Encoded SuprematismWhen discussing ‘Encoded Suprematism’ it would be difficult to overlook the fact that its inspiration comes from an art movement, founded by Kazimir Malevich. Just as Suprematism focused mainly on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, etc, my photographic compositions, which are full of cubist shapes, reflect a personal and simplified form of ‘Malevich’s grammar’. These photographs reveal the dialogue between dimensional forms that are found in the world surrounding us and adva
  • Mixed media fine art
    Mixed media fine artThe main focus of my work is placed upon compilations of various pre-existing materials, which were collected from the surrounding environment and then given new significance in an image. By interrupting the natural processes of these materials, I take away their primary functions. When one process stops, another starts: by alternating, layering and arranging them together, I allow them to develop, almost like being reborn, gaining new implications within a new context. By adopting found fragmen
  • Shreds of Memory
    Shreds of MemoryThese pictures are a part of a bigger project, "Shreds of Memory", which I started years ago and it is still a work in progress.  The main focus of this series is the symbiosis of a figurative image of a human with some elements of an arbitrary action which is caused by natural factors such as time. These are often a result of coincidence which creates, in the end, an abstract image.  These compositions of layers, which were created with reminiscences of past events, represent a collection of co
  • From my Nanny's wall
    From my Nanny's wallChildhood memories of my Nanny's tapestry were an inspiration for this series. Abstract compositions are a result of a combination of single photos which became modules to create symmetrical structure/pattern similar to ones found in tapestries.
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Work history
    Chatham, United KingdomFreelance
    Fine artistJakub Pasierkiewicz
    Chatham, United KingdomFreelance
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    MAUniversity of Silesia
     - Poland