James Nuttall

James Nuttall

Product DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
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James Nuttall

James Nuttall

Product DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
About me
Hi! My name is James NuttallI and I have recent finished university, achieving a 1st class honours in Product Design Technology BSc. I am a motivated young individual who thrives for new exciting design challenges. My key areas of strength lie in developing functional based products through model making and CAD. I am a strong critical thinker and through my education I have developed key design skills that I crave to apply to real-life projects.
  • Omlet - Chicken Perch
    Omlet - Chicken PerchGive your chickens a brilliant new way to play in their chicken run with Omlet’s sleek new Chicken Perch. It’s a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun accessory. The naturally weather resistant perch not only features an innovative bracket design - allowing it to be placed anywhere on any chicken run - but is also suitable for use by all breeds of chicken, making it the new must-have DIY chicken coop accessory!
  • Oliv - Children's Ride on Toy
    Oliv - Children's Ride on ToyThe Problem Only 9.5% of children’s toys are able to be recycled. In 2014, 29.9 million tons of children’s toys were taken to landfill sites. There are few toys promoting re using existing components. This is a huge problem as it is not teaching children the importance of recycling. The Solution Oliv is a children’s ride on toy that promotes recycling as well as their creativity. Teaching them simple mechanics to help develop their motor neuron skills. This is achieved by incorporating small features on the design that allow the child to add components and use their imagination to create a toy. This therefore increases the longevity of the product.
Projects credited in
  • MotiCapture
    MotiCaptureThe charity Motivation came to my university (University of the West of England) who specialise in getting wheelchairs to people in the developing countries. They asked us to create a new system for taken accurate measuremnets on children with cerebral paulsey to give them the correct support where they need it.
  • Moticapture - Wheelchair supports for the developing world
    Moticapture - Wheelchair supports for the developing worldBrief (3 weeks, teams of five, client led project.) Children who are fitted for wheelchairs in developing countries often have conditions that mean they require additional supports, for example Cerebral Palsy. The location of these supports is determined by an Occupational Therapist, who uses their hands to identify where added supports would be most beneficial. The methods that are currently used to translate the required location of supports onto the wheelchair can be inaccurate and time consuming. Solution MotiCapture aims to provide every client with accurate, tailored supports and every Occupational Therapist with a tool that saves them time. The jig and ratchet system allows the Occupational Therapist to select, adjust and secure the right supports into the right location for the client. The technician then places the back plate of the client’s chair into the jig frame and marks the exact location of the required supports. The Ratchet hand has 6 positions from large to small. The ratchet is tightened until it supports the client. A number reading is taken from the dial that corresponds with a stock pile of 3D printed supports.
  • MotiCapture
    MotiCaptureMotivation are a Bristol based charity who specialise in providing wheelchairs to a multitude of people in developing countries. Currently, users with Cerebral Palsy are measured by an Occupational Therapist and the supports are attached onto the user’s backrest. MotiCapture allows the Occupational Therapist to select, adjust and secure the right supports into the exact location for each client. The adjustable arms determine where the user needs additional support. The OT then marks through holes in the hand onto the client’s backboard.
Work history
    Product Design EngineerOmlet Ltd
     - Wardington, Banbury OX17 1SA, UKFull Time
    While at Omlet I worked in the design team. Throughout my time there I had to opportunity to contribute towards to a vast amount of different projects. ranging in size and complexity whilst also being able to building on all my design skills and ability. I gained invaluable experience through building prototypes, CAD modelling and conept generation. all whilst adding to my existing knowledge of design for manufacture and software skills in Solidworks and the Adobe Suite. I also was given the opportunity to run my own project while there. This allowed me to be involved in every aspect of the design process. From concept generation, development all the way to quality checking the final manufactured model. My key responsibilities while at Omlet included: Ideation sketching, presentations, model making, test/evaluate, CAD(SolidWorks), engineering drawing packs , 3D printing, project planning/costing.
  • Model Making
  • Concept Generation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Graphic Design
  • Costing
  • Cad Solidworks
  • Adobe
  • Development Sketching
  • Client Presentation
  • Adobe Suite
    BSc (Hons) Product Design TechnologyUniversity of the West of England
     - Bristol, United Kingdom
    Degree Classification: 1st Class Honours
    Uses of Maths (A), Business Studies (C), Product Design (C)Brockenhurst College
     - Brockenhurst, United Kingdom